Thursday, August 4, 2011

Blog Candy Tomorrow!

Coffee of the Day - Butter Rum

No, I didn't forget my promise of blog candy for all of you! it's just that with being sick it's taking me longer to get things together than I anticipated. so sorry!
but come back tomorrow for the piccy and sign ups! I hope it will be worth the wait! :)

and enjoy your day!

p.s. my heart has been heavy with many people I know who are ill. please say prayers if you would. hug those you love very tight and most of all, TELL THEM you love them. :)


ThePurplePlace said...

Hi Jen,
I came by to THANK you for your sweet and caring comments and I also wishing you happy and healthier days.

As you said, sometimes we just do too much and then pay the price. I guess that's because we so want everything to be how it was before an illness came into our lives.

Sometimes I find myself being so angry with the illness, that I fight it -- trying not to let it take over...and then that can be a trigger for even harder days to come.

It's nice to know that there truly are other people who really can understand this feeling and just how sucky it can be to not feel good! Boy, do I wish back in the time, when I was well, that I had taken time to appreciate it SOOO much more!!

My best to you and I'm send you a HUG too!!!


PS; What did I Win? I have NO clue, as I have been out of things lately? Thanks

Starla B. said...

I'm very excited for your hop. Hugs, and I hope you feel better soon!

Rhonda Miller said...

Thank you for your post. I can think of many who could use prayers and a hug right now.

Anita said...

Sending hugs! Take your time and get better!