Saturday, March 30, 2024

Happy Easter!

 Coffee/Tea of the Day - Earl Grey Lavender tea

 Hello and Happy Easter!

 my yard was absolutely FILLED
with lovely lavender crocus :)

well as they say, the best laid plans of mice and men.... obviously I have not been crafting or posting. Unfortunately I have discovered that my blog is blocked by some servers for potential malware and viruses. I have searched and searched, but can find no signs of malicious activity anywhere on the blog. Google has been no help whatsoever, no matter how many times I try to reach their IT department, which is difficult all on its own.  I have no idea how many of you can actually reach or view my blog.

I am investigating other blog formats and servers, so will update when I have started something new. I would really hate to lose this entire blog, but feel that having a site where people can feel secure visiting is more important. 

This weekend we are blessed to have all of our sons and their families as well as David's mom, two sisters, and brother in law visiting. Tyler and Danielle had another little girl the first part of this month, so it's definitely a time to celebrate our blessings and beautiful family!

a card from 2016

David and I, (mostly David), have been doing a complete rehaul on our kitchen. We started in January with the hopes of having it complete for our Easter gathering, but nothing with a century home is ever quick or easy. David has had to demolish all of the walls, the ceiling, and floor. it's basically starting over from scratch. He is doing an amazing job with it all! I'm excited because not only will we have an updated kitchen, but after removing numerous layers of various types of flooring, we will finally be able to use the original floors. Our home was built in 1861. He has taken it all back to the original woodwork. We have come to the decision that this will be the home we retire in - our forever home. so we want to get it in as good of condition as we possibly can while we are able. retirement isn't that far off....

an altered project from 2016

anyhow, I haven't forgotten all of my wonderful friends and followers. just have to get these repairs and some health issues out of the way so I can FINALLY get back to crafting. I miss it so much. I miss all of you so much!

may your Easter overflow with blessings from above! you are truly, truly loved!