Wednesday, August 27, 2014

August 30

Coffee of the Day - Sweet Potato (yes, it's a coffee flavor and yes, it's very yummy! has a caramel and brown sugar flavor to it. )

August 30 - Dave and I celebrate our 28th anniversary, and it's also Bacon Day. serendipity? I think not. does God have a wonderful sense of humor? why, yes He does! :)

hope all of you are doing well! I'm fighting a few migraines and fevers, but hanging in there otherwise. school has started for both Tyler and Mick. Ryan starts Sept. 1.

everyone take care and have a great holiday weekend!! (for those in the States, that is.)

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Prayers for My Cousin

Coffee of the Day - Sweet Potato (yes, it's a coffee flavor, and yes, it's quite tasty!)

What a week..... Tyler and I took Ryan to Indiana on Tuesday. a very long day of driving (15+ hours), and I ended up getting sick from the trip. rained almost the entire time, but thank goodness it was a safe drive. Ryan is happy in his dorm as one of the new R.A.'s. God has him right where he needs to be!

As I woke up Friday morning, I received the news that one of my cousins was in a terrible motorcycle accident. from what I understand, he is still unconscious. thankfully his body sustained only road rash type damage, but his head is a mess. not only is his skull broken, but his brain is quite damaged.

We are all just devastated. I think part of me is still in shock. the day of his accident he had several posts on my Facebook page. and that night I had a dream about him. because he lives in Texas, I haven't seen him since my dad's funeral, over 20 years ago. but we have been in touch recently because we both share cancer battles. you see, he also has leukemia.

if you have a moment, would you please say a prayer for him and his children? his name is Dan. I know your thoughts and prayers would mean so very much.
I am so thankful we have God's enduring love to bring us comfort. we hold tight to His promises right now. we hold on to the hope that He brings, every single day, no matter the circumstances.

Tell the people you love how much they mean to you RIGHT NOW. don't let another moment go by.
thank you from the bottom of my heart. you know that all of you are so very special to me.
love, Jennifer

p.s. here is Dan's Facebook page. not sure if you are able to access it or not, but thought I would try to post just in case you would like to leave a message. if you can't get to it, feel free to leave a post on my page. I will let the family know.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Happy and Sad

Coffee of the Day - Maple Walnut

  • sad because Ry heads back to Indiana Wesleyan University tomorrow. 
  • happy because I get to spend LOTS of time in the car with both he and Tyler. 
  • sad because I am gonna miss my son like CRAZY! 
  • happy because he is right where God wants him to be! happy because I got to spend some time with Mick yesterday - always a cool thing! gosh, does he ever look FABULOUS! yep, he is one cool dude. 
  • happy because we have some great tunes to listen to while we drive tomorrow. 
  • happy happy happy because I have been blessed with the most AMAZING sons in this whole world!!!! 

so overall, the happys ALWAYS outweigh the sads....  :)

Friday, August 1, 2014

House is Full of Flu Bugs....

Coffee of the Day - Hazelnut

Well I know I said it would be fairly sporadic between posts, but some lovely flu bugs decided to come visiting my house and threw things into quite the tail spin around here. poor Ryan even came home from Camp earlier this week and is trying to get over this icky bug, too. thank goodness he doesn't have the fever that I was 'lucky' enough to get, but the tummy troubles make for not much fun.

Tyler won't be coming home for a visit this weekend so he can hopefully stay as healthy as possible.

Mocha is still not back to 100%, but gosh she is doing much much better. she is able to jump up on the couch almost always by herself, so that is a pretty big deal. she is walking much better, too. poor thing could hardly move for the longest time.

I have plans for some altered projects I want to work on at some point in time.
all of you have a great weekend! stay healthy! :)