Friday, August 1, 2014

House is Full of Flu Bugs....

Coffee of the Day - Hazelnut

Well I know I said it would be fairly sporadic between posts, but some lovely flu bugs decided to come visiting my house and threw things into quite the tail spin around here. poor Ryan even came home from Camp earlier this week and is trying to get over this icky bug, too. thank goodness he doesn't have the fever that I was 'lucky' enough to get, but the tummy troubles make for not much fun.

Tyler won't be coming home for a visit this weekend so he can hopefully stay as healthy as possible.

Mocha is still not back to 100%, but gosh she is doing much much better. she is able to jump up on the couch almost always by herself, so that is a pretty big deal. she is walking much better, too. poor thing could hardly move for the longest time.

I have plans for some altered projects I want to work on at some point in time.
all of you have a great weekend! stay healthy! :)


Denise Goeldner said...

I hope you all recover soon and glad Mocha is doing much better, time heals all so they say :) Can't wait to see your lovely altered projects when you show us, you look after yourself too xx
~ Denise ~
{Denise's Patch of Creativity}

Verna Angerhofer said...

I hope you feel better soon. No fun being ill.

Stef H said...

prayers that you all get better soon!

Unknown said...

So glad to hear there is healing all around for you and family! The rough times can make us notice and appreciate the calm times.
Blessings to all!
Lu C

Tlc Creations said...

Feel better soon....and YAY~! for Mocha~~!!