Monday, August 11, 2014

Happy and Sad

Coffee of the Day - Maple Walnut

  • sad because Ry heads back to Indiana Wesleyan University tomorrow. 
  • happy because I get to spend LOTS of time in the car with both he and Tyler. 
  • sad because I am gonna miss my son like CRAZY! 
  • happy because he is right where God wants him to be! happy because I got to spend some time with Mick yesterday - always a cool thing! gosh, does he ever look FABULOUS! yep, he is one cool dude. 
  • happy because we have some great tunes to listen to while we drive tomorrow. 
  • happy happy happy because I have been blessed with the most AMAZING sons in this whole world!!!! 

so overall, the happys ALWAYS outweigh the sads....  :)


Sammy said...

There's nothing quite like spending time with your kids, isn't there? And honestly, it just gets better as they get older, I've found! Those of us that are lucky, have kids that are really good company and make us laugh. Sounds like you have some of those too. x

Sandra said...

:-D good to see you happy!!!!

Rhonda Miller said...

It sounds like you're pretty lucky to have such terrific guys in your life. I hope you have a great trip.