Friday, June 19, 2009

Great Friends Coffee Card

Lemon Lime Gatorade - yum, yum!!! :) Back to coffee again soon!!!!!!

I did manage to do a wee bit of stamping last night - most certainly not my best effort ever, but glad to be getting inky again! Seemed to take me forever to get even the most basic things done. That is okay. Sure does prove that you need to stay in the groove to keep the creativity flowing.

I had printed out this sentiment from the free samplings over at Digiments a while back. (go check out the site in case you have missed any of the weekly giveaways that Michelle has provided. new releases are out, too!) Printed on some of my infamous 'coffee paper' that I am just loving. Used some of my lonely craft stamps from Stamps Happen by the Janlynn Corp. that I have sadly not inked in a while. I used a marker and omitted the rectangle borders around the cups. Stamped each one a second time, cut out with those amazing paper snips from SU!, and then mounted on super duper thick foam stickies to give lots of lift and 3D effect (after coloring, of course). Paper is Basic Grey Archaic collection. Lightly sponged artichoke ink over the word 'friends' to help highlight and sponged edges as well. Pulled out those swanky new corduroy brads from SU!, and gosh, are they swell! Added a few more baby buttons in the other corner, (after dropping some on the wood floor which will stay there until I can go track down my glasses and then start crawling around 'cause those little buggers BLEND!!! and then of course Mocha thinks I want to play with her which starts a whole other story.........)

anywho....... will try to catch up on my blogging comments this weekend. I am so dreadfully sorry that I haven't been able to leave love for all of my marvy peeps! But I think of each of you daily and will venture into blog land pronto! Have ideas perculating in my head for a project with some great images from Angel's Landing, so hopefully will have something PHENOM to show you next week. If not, then maybe you will settle for something adequate?!?! ;)

love you and take care!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Just Chillin' from Edith!

Tea of the Day - Orange Ginger Mint with Chamomille (not quite ready for coffee yet, but hopefully soon!)

It has been for-ev-er since I last updated everyone on what's going on - and I am sooooo sorry about that. Been feeling icky and just not up to gettin' on the computer. But the funky fog is s-l-o-w-l-y starting to pass ( we're whispering here so no bad mojo comes creeping back in! wink, wink!! ) so I decided to come do a quick post. And I had to share this ADORABLE card that my super special friend Edith sent to me the other day. Isn't this just a 'make ya break out in a big ol' goofy smile' kinda card?!?!?! :D She is just the sweetest thing this side of the Mason Dixon line (even though she does live in Canada!) and that says a lot comin' from this transplanted Southern girl! Thanks so much, Edith! I love it!!!!

Well, esentially we stilll have no clue what is going on with me. yeah, no big shocker there! ;) I'm a mess, plain and simple! I went to the surgeon at the Cleveland Clinic and spent several hours meeting with him, and his diagnosis is "you have lots of problems, but none of it is related to what is going on with your pancreas. go see your hematologist/oncologist." so I had to wait for him to get back from vacation to make an appointment, which is now set for next week. aggghhhhhh! feels like we are back to square 1 again. but I am starting to feel a wee bit better - so that is the great news and I am happy. May even attempt to stamp a little bit in the next few days. (crossing fingers here!)

so thank you mega tons for your prayers and sweet words of encouragement!!! I was able to go to Tyler's graduation though, although none of his announcements ever got sent out (yep, horrible of me!), but I think I'll just send them with pix of him in his cap and gown. Better late than never I guess. He is home taking care of me this summer and doing such a great job. Mick and Ryan are working with David out at Camp Burton for the summer. I'm proud of the work they are doing as well.

Everyone take care and I will hopefully be back soon with some stamped items. Love to each of you!!!