Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Junk Journal July Day 19 - Tucked Away

 Coffee/Tea of the Day - Coconut Hazelnut coffee

Hello and welcome to another day of Junk Journal July! for more information about the challenge, please see this post.

Today's prompt is 'Tucked Away.'  I decided to make a side tuck for Ryan and Elizabeth's Family Fun journal. using Elizabeth's comic super hero, Dr. Strange, for my inspiration, I created a side tuck and tag.

pretty simple for the most part. I found some comics online. (p.s. I also have quite a few in my stash, so I guess that adds to my geek factor. ha!) I sewed around the panel for some extra texture and interest. a fabric ruffle tops the tag. this fabric is the same that I used for the cover. not sure if I will stay with it since this journal is becoming so large that I might need to make a new cover. we will see what happens. 

I added a little flip out piece to the tag. because I didn't want washi tape to cover any part of the comic, I used paper medical tape. this stuff is great! it is somewhat translucent, and super sticky. I always add a bit of glue stick to any tape I am using. it just helps give that extra oomph and adhesion. 

I also tucked an envelope featuring Silver Surfer, one of Ryan's favorite comic super heroes, along with the tag. what serendipity to find that!

thank you so much for visiting my blog today! I hope your day is amazing! :)