Sunday, July 31, 2022

Junk Journal July Day 31 - Farewell

 Coffee/Tea of the Day - Lemon Lavender Mint tea

It's time for my final project for Junk Journal July.!
for more information about the challenge, please visit this post. 

back page of signature

Today's prompt is 'farewell'. I thought I would make something using one of my favorite prompts for the month - fold out. I really like adding this element in journals I make. :)

first foldout

The page I am showing is the last one in that particular signature, very appropriate for the farewell prompt. ;) I try to have the first and last page of each signature be actual scrapbook paper or heavy cardstock as opposed to lighter weight paper. using 12x12 paper creates 2 6x12 sheets that are usually perfect for a set of journal pages.  on this particular sheet, I didn't want to cut off a section so that each page fit better in the book, so I folded over the paper to create a flip base.

The multiple flip out element uses a journaling card from the Carta Bella Family Night collection and a mini cd envelope. the card inside the envelope is from Simple Stories Family Fun. I have also added stickers from the Carta Bella collection. ( here is a link to the digital format. )

completely opened

one of the many talented journal artists I follow on YouTube is Carol Laws. she is so inspiring. she says that she always makes sure that the first and last page of a signature have a little extra 'wow' factor. I have tried to follow her example. 

thank you so much for stopping by and visiting my blog this month. I hope you have enjoyed all of the different prompts, and it's inspired you in your crafting. :)


Fikreta said...

its so nice!
it was so great and fun seeing all your projects!

KT Fit Kitty said...

Hello, Jennifer! I haven't been blogging much lately but wanted to pop in and say how impressed I am with your Junk Journal July! I scrolled back and saw many creative posts - what an awesome journal - fabulous job and so nice to see your crafting this month! I hope you are feeling okay these days and congrats on completing these journal prompts!

KT Fit Kitty said...

Forgot to say... I love the retro vibe of these images! My favourite decade is the '60s! Gorgeous work!