Monday, July 4, 2022

Junk Journal July Day 4 - Transparent

 Coffee/Tea of the Day - Melted Marshmallow coffee

Welcome back to another project for Junk Journal July! more information about the challenge can be found at this post. I may start jumping around for the prompts as one inspires me, or doesn't ;)

Superman front of flip

Today's prompt is 'transparent.' I have made two projects recycling junk mail envelopes. (photo heavy post.)

Superman inside of flip

When I make journals, I like to incorporate multiple types of papers, book pages, ledger sheets, doilies, etc. almost all of my recent journals have pages from Little Golden Books. they were a favorite of mine from childhood, and I enjoy using the pages. some of the books I use are old and some brand new. 

Superman back flip

Superman inside of back flip

the theme of the journal for Ryan and Elizabeth is Family Fun. I incorporated activities that they enjoy doing together - cooking, games, movies, books, trips, and so on. Ryan is truly the king of comic book knowledge. I was a big comic fan growing up, so passed that along to the boys. Superman is his absolute favorite character and Elizabeth likes Dr. Strange. so it was an easy choice to add elements from both to the journal.

Dr. Strange front flip

I used blue painter's tape on the Dr. Strange envelope page flip. hubby has the tape in several colors, and he very nicely shares with me for my crafting. :)

Dr. Strange inside of flip

I took junk mail envelopes with windows to create page flips. each envelope hangs over the page. photos show both sides as well as the flips. I usually add tags to the window portions, but this time decided to seal them shut. 

Dr. Strange back flip

once I have completed all of the signatures, I will add a clip of some kind so that the envelopes attach to the pages. for now I have used paper clips, but will add something fancier on my last go through. I tend to add the finishing touches then, such as word art, postage stamps, labels, clips, and fibers. 

Dr. Strange inside of flip

sending out Happy July 4th wishes to all of you in the USA! have a safe and fun time celebrating!