Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Stick Chick Birthday and Snow Slushies!

Coffee of the Day - Starbucks Cafe Verona with Cinnamon Spice

This is the last of the World Card Making Day cards. It features my fave stick chick by American Art Stamps. These stamps are just so much fun to play with! Not only are there stamps for every holiday and season, but the stamps themselves are top notch, high quality. Papers here are Basic Grey Cupcake. Sentiment, card stock, and ribbon are from Stampin' Up! Buttons came from a great find at Etsy.

We've started up one of our fave winter traditions again - snow slushies! Living here in the heart of the snow belt, we get well over 100" of snow each winter. So when it starts getting thick, the boys and I get our cups and go collect good, clean snow. Pack it tight, then fill with your favorite juice. Voila! a snow slushie! Sometimes we combine several juices to create a delicious treat - cranberry and orange juice is one of my favorites. These are sooooooooo good! Try one for yourself! :)


Carmen said...

I like the stamp! Fab card.

thinker said...

snow slushies, huh?! sounds like a wonderful tradition!!! Everyone needs something to help make winter fun & enjoyable!!! Thanks for the great idea - I know my kids would absolutely love these!!!

Anonymous said...

Those do sound yummy! Your card is great! Stay warm.

Unknown said...

very cute card.
Snow slushies, sounds like something my kids would love, we'll have to try it.