Saturday, November 1, 2008

Prayers needed please

lots of important posts today ~

this is an urgent announcement to all of you. One of our fellow stampers needs some prayers right now. Laurie Schmidlin of Just Give Me Stamps and her family have received the startling news that their daughter, Ali, has a brain tumor. They are currently in transit to Seattle for a biopsy to discover if the tumor is cancerous. PLEASE, please, please say prayers for this young girl and her family! People around the globe are sending cards and praying. I am getting this card I had on hand in the mail today. not real girly but I figure everyone needs puppy hugs! If you would like the address, please either post here with your email address or send me a private email. I will respond as quickly as I can.

The stamping community is a wonderful, kind group of people. It is times like this that we all bind together to offer support to one of our own. We are blessed indeed!

thanks so much!

p.s. for more information, check the Stamper's Dream blog hosted by Michelle Rodgers.


Unknown said...

I read Laurie's blog all of the time. She is very talented. I would be happy to send a card if you pm me through SCS to laughingstamper with the info or email via my blog.

Gina Lindsay said...

Will definately add her to our prayer list.

I think she will like the card, it is darling. Most little girls I know love anything with a dog on it.

If you will send me the address, I would be happy to send a card.

Carmen said...

I will keep them in my prayers.

Sara said...

So sad, will definetely keep them in our prayers

Unknown said...

You are just the sweetest ever! Ali just loves puppies and horses. So this card is sure to bring a big ole smile to her face!

Thanks, my friend! :-)