Friday, June 24, 2011

Just when you think life is on an even keel..... get that text that makes you go, "what?"

early this afternoon I received a text from David, who is still in D.C., telling me that Ryan had been bitten by a mole. what did I know about rabies and its treatment? ummmmmm..... hang on a sec..... I was in the middle of happy crafty blurffing and you are telling me a MOLE bit Ryan and he might have rabies?!

so after several conversations between David in Washington D.C, our local dr. who was attending a conference himself, and Ryan out at Camp, it was decided that I was going to take Ry to the E.R. God has blessed us indeed with sons who have such amazing personalities! through it all Ryan stayed so cool and calm. He was nervous at the thought of rounds of rabies shots, which he thankfully did not have to get, and was such a trooper.

He is home with me now, resting in bed with his PSP, and a bit sore from the tetnus shot he did need. will stay on antibiotics for a week and go back in for a checkup. The nurse at Camp will keep an eye on him, too.



Cat said...

Oh, Jennifer! What frightening news to receive! So glad that Ryan is OK. God is good! Hugs

Sara said...

Holy cow, are you kidding?!? A mole-that's crazy! So glad he's ok, have a great Saturday!