Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's Time to Twist & Shout!

Coffee of the Day - Caramel Twist

Hello! I am finally back! Our main computer still isn't fixed yet (it was a VERY nasty bug that got ahold of it - acutally took out the computer, wireless & printer/scanner in one swoop! blech, blech, blech!!), so hubby gave me an old laptop of his to play upon. and it is not my friend, but don't tell it that or else it will crash and burn on me as well. so shushhhhh...... we are treading very lightly here. David says he has never seen anyone who has as much trouble with a laptop as me, especially for someone who does as well with 'regular' computers as I do. He has forbidden me from ever touching his 'good' laptop again after certain programs have never quite functioned the same since I last borrowed it back in Feb. I tell you, I think I really did get some funky super power from all of those gamma rays! ;) wink, wink! electronics just go all weird when I'm around! still think it might be interesting to converse with a squirrel every once in a while though.... but I digress! :D hee hee hee

you will finally get to see some of the cards I have made over the past month or so. This one was a fun one to put together. The main image is actually a Melissa Frances sticker that I adhered to cs. The papers are Daisy D's. Stitching is so very faux, as I can't sew to save my life. Buttons, except for the flower, are all vintage. I try to leave some of the old thread in them whenever possible to add to the old feel. Ribbon is May Arts, ric rac and trim are from Wright's. Cs base is my old standby Stampin' Up! that I will forever and always use 'cause I love it so! Hope you enjoy this blast from the past! And so wonderful to be back in cyber space again!
Love to you all!


Gina Lindsay said...

So glad to see yo back on your blog! Very pretty card.

Dru said...

How nice to have you back! Love the way you can put these papers together so nicely and then pull it together even more with your embellishments - great job, love this card. Be well.

Sara said...

So glad to have you back, great job on this card. It's great

Unknown said...

Great to have you back! Love the flower on this one. Did you dye it yourself?