Thursday, October 2, 2014

Our Newest Family Member!

Coffee of the Day - Almond Joy

On Monday Mick was able to rescue this wonderful lab/American bulldog mix from the shelter down near where he lives in Kent. the pup has a new name of Buster for his new life with Mick! we are all so very excited to welcome him into the Scull family!! :)  the top pix are from Brutus's professional photo shoot at the rescue shelter. these next few are from when Mick took him to the park and then when they got back to Mick's apt.

Brutus and Mick came for a visit to our home on Tuesday while Dave and I took a trip to Indiana to see Ryan for a belated birthday visit. Mick was taking care of our pups here at the house while we were gone for 2 days. evidently Mocha was not too thrilled to have a new family member, but Latte took it all in stride. considering the dogs here are over 12 years old and Brutus is about 2, things went pretty well! :)

we had a great visit with Ryan at IWU. God is just doing such amazing things in Ryan's life there. even though he is so far away, it makes my heart so happy to hear him talk of all that is happening. I am so very proud of Ryan, and his brothers, too!  here is a link to an interview with Ryan done for a neat FB group from his school if you are interested. :)

I am trying to play catch-up on emails and computer stuff today, but should have my Pink-tober blog candy  up by Saturday for World Card Making Day! there will be one big prize and 2 smaller ones, so that gives several people an opportunity to win!  I hope you will stop back by!

take care and know I am thinking of you today! :)


Rhonda Miller said...

He's so cute. Glad you had a good visit with your son.

Verna Angerhofer said...

Cute dog.

Sammy said...

What a handsome new addition to your family Jennifer! I'm sure it'll prove to be the most warm and loving new home he could hope for! x

Stef H said...

isn't he the cutest!!!! kudos all around!