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Saturday, October 11, 2014

I Will Gladly Share Pink

Coffee of the Day - Toasted Coconut

I will gladly share pink so that anyone and everyone fighting this horrible beast knows that they are not alone. I will not give up because I fight this battle for my family. they will know that we can have things in life that might knock us sideways, but we are strong and we fight because love matters.

I might grow weary of what is being called 'pinkwashing', but I will continue to hope and pray for cures for EVERY disease. I want to see more research. I want to see less of Big Pharma and high medication costs.

FYI - if at all possible, please make sure that those pink products you see and purchase truly are supporting breast cancer research. more and more information is appearing that companies are using the pink ribbon as nothing more than a marketing tool to put money into their own coffers, with little or no money going to the intended sponsor. actually, you should do this for any organization that states it is donating a portion of its proceeds to a specific non-profit agency. also, are those pink products actually cancer inducing or detrimental in the first place? one that is in the news this week is from a fracking company. that doesn't make a lick of sense..... destroy the planet but donate 10 cents to breast cancer? no, I don't think I'll buy that pink drill bit, thank you very much.

I will continue to collect every single support stamp set I can get my hands on so that I may make cards to send along to others fighting any incurable disease. we are all in this together. no one goes through this journey called life alone.

I will gladly share pink always, always, always. and I will not give up hope.


Verna Angerhofer said...

What a great post and keep the pink fight song going!

wannabcre8tive said...

I believe in pInk, too. You rock.