Saturday, August 24, 2013

Weekend Tidbits....

Coffee of the Day - Pumpkin Spice

Well Tyler announced as he walked down the stairs this morning that he is moving to his house today. I knew it would be this weekend sometime, but sure didn't think it would be today. trying to keep from letting the tears flow as I finish a few loads of laundry for him and type this up..... Mick moved over there a few days ago. didn't really say goodbye - just didn't come back here one night. yep, my baby birds have flown away. Ryan moves to Indiana next weekend. still not sure if I am healthy enough for the trip. my heart wants to go, but my body isn't co-operating. David wants to stop in Chicago on our way back for a weekend getaway. we haven't done anything like that in years. it's our 27th anniversary next weekend so it would be a lovely way to celebrate. I have always wanted to visit Chicago. crossing fingers I will be up for the trip.

Not sure if you've ever noticed the Blitsy badge on my sidebar, but they have some great stuff on sale right now. The new Tim Holtz seasonal distress marker set is on sale for $27.99. it's a great deal for 12 markers! also some Basic Grey, Petaloo, Prima, and other goodies. it's well worth a looksie if you want to save money on things you were going to pick up anyhow. if we weren't buying school supplies and helping the guys with their house, you bet your sweet bippy I'd be picking up a few things, too.

also, My Favorite Things has an amazing virtual sidewalk sale going on. you can get some of their amazing dies and stamps for 50-75% off! again, if the sale were happening next month instead of this month, I'd be all over it!

my printer has gone haywire at the moment. little gremlins must have gotten inside, because they are so messing with the rollers. I have taken this thing apart several times and still can't find the problem. every time I think I have it solved, nope. paper still jams. arg!!!! I've finally gotten it to where I can cut my cs in half lengthwise and print that way, but I have several projects that need full size sheets printed. of course! ;)
so I will press on and not let this piece of machinery beat me!

have a great weekend! see you tomorrow with another Inky Antics guestie post. :)


Lisa Minckler said...

Ummm, I know it's rough to see those kiddos leave, but seriously...what's the secret? I think I have a son that never will leave. Am I going to have to move when he's not looking??? ;)
From one mom to another, I'm sending you prayers and wishes for strength and I'll ask for some in return when mine figures out where the door is. ;)
Hugs to you Jennifer and also the strength I'll be praying for you is to not beat the printer to death as well. :) Stinkin' machinery.
Lisa xx

bumblebee creations said...

It is so hard when our kids grow up and move--feeling for you today!! I am so excited to be on a DT with you again Jen!! Hope you get to take your mini vacation for your anniversary--will be praying for you to feel well enough!

Linda said...

Definately a tear jerker. My 3 sons are off to college his week, and I cried with each one, and they are not freshman... LOL My daughter got a wonderful job very luky for a college grad, but she needs to relocate, originally she was living at home for one year to save money. This is so hard, I'm crying constantly, but at the same time so proud because thats why we raised the to be good, faithful, independent adults.

I live in CHicago, ITS BEAUTIFUL!!!! Hoe you get the strength to go

Rhonda Miller said...

I'm not looking forward to the days when my chickies leave the nest. I don't think I could hold back the tears. I hope you're able to take your trip for your anniversary.

ThePurplePlace said...

OMG! Thank YOU so much for sharing the die/stamps SALE at MFT! I wasn't planning to buy any new things, but could NOT resist the prices on some of those dies and wihtout your post, would never have known.

I'm a fan of that store and also LOVE many of their dies, their amazing inks and of course the matching cardstock!! Beautiful!!

Thanks and I'm sad to hear the boys are's hard and I'm still not used to my Brian living in San Diego...totally across the country! Howver, I am thankful that I can fly out to visit and hope to go again, in the winter..!!

I'll be thinking of you and do HOPE you can make the trip...sounds like a nice Anniversary idea too!

Big hugs,