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Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Week for Crossing Fingers

Coffee of the Day - Coconut Marshmallow

Hello everyone! I hope you are having a fabulous week so far! only one more sleep and then it's time for the weekend to semi-officially begin! :)

I just 5 minutes ago hit the 'send' button on the email for my big May Arts Spring Challenge project submission.... yikes! what a nervous nelly I am right now, as well as the entire time I was typing up that message. All projects will be posted over on the May Arts blog on Monday, April 15, so you will be able to see them all there. I have to tell you, some of the most amazing, talented, crafters are part of this round, so I don't expect to be chosen as a winner. but good golly gosh, am I thrilled as ever to have been selected as one of the contestants! All of you will have several days to vote, at least that is my understanding. so I do hope you will pop by their blog to see all of the entries and support everyone who worked so very hard! :)

I also sent off at the beginning of this week, one little card for the Paper Crafts Stamping Royalty contest. I haven't actually stamped a complete card in a while, so that was fun to do! I had Dave give the envelope a big kiss, (well not THAT big! grins!) for good luck before we took it off to the post office.

then there is the ever fun medical testing that began yesterday. ick. as usual, they had a hard time drawing blood on me. they laugh at the hospital that now when they see my name they call down to the actual lab to have one of the specialists come do the actual taking of the blood because it is so hard to draw. sad but true. lovely side effect of chemo that you don't find out about until after the fact. I could tell you horror stories of having 4 and 5 and more needles sticking out of my arm at once while they try to find a vein, but then it's not Halloween just yet...... ha! again, sad but true. more visits tomorrow. but then again, as I mentioned before, after that is WEEKEND! hooray!

just gotta focus on the happy happy.
next week is blog candy! yippee skippee!

love to all of you!


Dorte said...

Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better now, Jen.
Taking blodtests-( drawing blod?)
is what I work with, so I know excactly what you mean!!!
hugs Dorte

Sandra said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you Jennifer!!
For everything!

inkydoodlecrafts said...

I'll be thinking of you tomorrow Jennifer and sending big virtual hugs and positive vibes. Mel xxx

Penny said...

Wishing you luck with all of your creations! And peace with all of your tests. :^)
Big hugs, Penny

wannabcre8tive said...

Okay, fingers are crossed, good luck.

Anita said...

Good luck on both projects! I am not brave enough to enter the Stamping Royalty just yet. I know all too well about not being able to get my blood and looking like something from Halloween. It happens every time I get dehydrated for those fasting draws. Good that they get a specialist for you.Hugs and prayers!

Stef H said...

oh you KNOW i'll be praying you're a winner in one of these. but you're a WINNER in my book anyway.

hubby's veins used to collapse everytime they had to take blood. it was just awful.

hang in there. i'm prayin for ya as always and even have my prayer group in on it too. soooooooo, you'll be fine.

big hugs :)

Anonymous said...

I am crossing my fingers and toes for you my friend!! HUGS

Tracy said...

Can't wait to see your May Arts card and I wish you the best with your card submission. Hang in there kiddo! Hugs!

Susie M. said...

Awwww.....I bet you feel like a used PIN CUSHION at this point huh??!! Well, your never far from our hearts and minds Jennifer. *hugs* I look forward to seeing your creation and you try to get rest in okay?