Thursday, May 10, 2012

Feeling Loved

Coffee of the Day - Caramel Pecan

Hello everyone! I know it's been forever since I last posted. I got hit with a nasty fever last week after going to Ryan's Choir Banquet. My oncologist really doesn't want me going out anywhere since I don't have any immunities to speak of, but I do hate missing all of Ryan's senior events at the high school. but they do knock me for a loop when I go.... spent all of the rest of the week in bed battling high fevers and ick. on the good news front, all of my wonderful family is now at home since Mick & Tyler have finished their college semesters. so happy to have them back home again! :)

Had chemo yesterday. Good report from the dr. as to my blood levels, but had a nasty reaction to one of my chemo meds. I sure do keep those poor souls on their toes, as the whole office was in a tizzy for about 10 minutes until things stabilized. I gave the folks sitting next to me a scare, that is for certain! Then all of the meds they gave me to get my system back to normal kept me awake all night. oy! always something to keep life interesting! ;)

anyhow, I do have another card to share with you today. Way back when on those lovely days when I actually felt like crafting, I was able to make this card for Milk Coffee Challenges. The challenge this fortnight is Buttons and Bling. I have to say that the lovely people over at Milk Coffee have been so kind and patient with me. They took me on to their DT knowing about my cancer, allowing me to create & post only when I am able. Thank you for that!

Papers are Echo Park For the Record, gilded rose is Prima, buttons and lace bit are vintage, notebook journal page is Jenni Bowlin, red sparkler is Webster's Pages, rhinestone flourish is ZVA, and senti is Create with TLC. little accents were made on main Milk Coffee image with stikcles and my white gel pen.

before I forget, I want to also share a photo of Ryan & his girlfriend Ashley before prom this past weekend. Chardon HS was given the most amazing prom experience at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. they all had such a wonderful time - most certainly a memory that will be treasured forever! :)

btw - thank you so much to those of you who have sent cards for the cancer chemo patients! my oncology nurse was so touched by your kindness! :) we are making a special box to keep all of them in for everyone at the center so that they are divided by theme and easier for people to go through while they are getting treatments. I have more ready to take when I go again the end of this month. you are so kind to reach out to others! :)


Jennifer said...

Sorry to hear about the extra fever thing you've had to deal with. Glad that you're getting better! Love this card that you're sharing, with it lovely daydreaminess to it!
I think your son definitely has your smile! Thanks for sharing! Hugs!

Sandy S said...

Jen, so excited to see youpsoting! Knowing that you're going thru chemo yuckies isn't fun & I hope they keep it all settled down for you on the next round...
You are amazing & talent abounds....thank you for sharing (about yourtreatments) and your creativity when you can...
God's hands & warmth are around you...

Hugs & prayers...
Sandy S

Tlc Creations said...

Sorry to hear you had an even rougher time of are in my prayers.....
What a beautiful couple those two make...and how wonderful they had such a fabulous prom~!

Nancy said...

Hi Jennifer!
What a super sweet card! Those Milk Coffee images are so adorable, aren't they?
I thought I'd pop in with a bit of a critter update! Well...sadly, no moose for me! lol Also, not much happening with my birdies today! I'm afraid they're all very busy hanging on for dear life! The winds are just ahowlin' today!
We have had a sweet little jack rabbit making an appearance lately, and I just LOVE him! Unfortunately our neighbors don't feel the same way at all. They are already worried about this sweet little guy eating their garden...the one that hasn't even been planted yet! It's just too bad this little guy can't read because I would put up a sign saying "Come eat my garden!"
One more funny thing is that years ago we named this particular neighbor Fudd. Now I've had so many chuckles thinking of him going after that "wascally wabbit!" LOL
Oh, dear! I'm sorry to be such a rambler!
My prayers continue!...Nancy :o)

Tracey said...

Sorry you're having a rough time Jennifer :(
Your card is gorgeous & I'm so glad you were able to manage a little crafting.
What a wonderful photo of Ryan & Ashley, thank you for sharing :)
Take care.
Love ya!

Cindy O said...

A beautiful card with many delicate touches. Praying for you and your family.

Anita said...

I love your card! I know how it is to do things and than pay for it later. Your son is so handsome. I would love to send you some cards. Can you email me your address to anitamocha2 at gmail dot com. I am glad that you are doing ok. I am one that has weird reactions to meds too so I know the feeling. Sending hugs and prayers! Wishing you a Happy Mother's Day!

ThePurplePlace said...

Hi Jenn,
Awwww....I am bummed to hear you have been feeling so lousy, but I also can read some of the humor in your posts and that helps me to know you are in good spirits...bless your heart.

I am glad you were able to attend some of Ryan's events...that is what we Mom's love!! Ryna and Ashley look like a wonderful couple and I'm happy they were all given such a wonderful prom!! Some good to come from such an sad time!!

Hoping every day will be a bit better and that you will find more time to create!

Thinking of you all and time and hoping with all my heart that you kick and beat this nasty illness!


Unknown said...

wow honey this is beautiful xx

Jenn Borjeson said...

Thinking of you every day - glad the cards are appreciated! :) Sending you lots of hugs, my friend. Your son and his girlfriend looked amazing, hope they had a great time!

Stef H said...

stunning card; beautiful couple. they grow up too fast.

oh jenn... sooooo good to see you and hope you are doing well. you are ALWAYS in my prayers.

hugs :)

Cheryl said...

Your card is so pretty! I love the sweet image and pretty details.