Friday, February 24, 2012

For all of us Brave Girls....

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This was in my email box today from the Brave Girls Club. It's so perfect for all of us.... :) love ya, dearest friends & family! and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support.

Dear Sweetheart Girl,

When living a brave and uncommon life, things are never going to be the same, ever. We are constantly learning the new ways to do things, and the best ways to do things. We are often surviving through broken heartedness and growing stronger to get us to the next path of growth.

We are always seeing new and beautiful things, and extracting the gifts, lessons and beauty out of everything, including the painful parts.

We are always always always becoming, always. We were never meant to stay stagnant. We were never meant to "arrive" and to stay in the same place forever. Life's greatest joy comes in creating and being a creation, in creating things that did not exist before we played our part in creating them, and in becoming a creation that never existed until we grew into it, and in seeing everything around us constantly becoming something that never existed until that moment. Life is truly about becoming.

Enjoy it, dear friend. All of it. Tomorrow it will be different, and different the day after that. It is ALL meant to be enjoyed, learned from and taken in as a gift. Receive it with all of the love it was intended to give.

You are so important, loved and wonderful.

edited to add - the most beautiful arrangement of flowers arrived late this afternoon from all of my Jellypark Friends! thank you from the bottom of my heart, dear ones! they are as lovely as each of you! :)


Rhonda Miller said...

Thanks for sharing this Jennifer.

Jennifer said...

This is wonderful! Thank you for sharing!

Renee B. said...

This is so beautiful Jennifer, thanks for sharing it!

Georgia Ehrmann said...

I love Brave Girls! I also have them send me these messages every day. I am so glad that you have found them because you are one of the "Bravest Girls" I have ever had the honor of knowing. Hang in there and know that we are sending lots of prayers, hugs and love your way.