Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Doing okay, thank you!

Coffee of the Day - not sure what flavor hubby made, as it was already finished by the time I got up this morning. thank you, my hunny bunny! :)

Thought I would give a quicksie post about the biopsy yesterday - all went well and we should have results by Thursday. I am tired as all get out and just can NOT stay awake for whatever reason. Don't know what's up with that, but I'm surely getting my beauty rest, that's for certain! ;)

I want to tell you that your sweet comments, emails, texts, calls, prayers, and posts mean so much to me and my family. Know that you are truly loved, my dear friends!

Don't know when I'll get back to crafting since I can't seem to keep my eyes open for more than half an hour at a time, but I'll post whatever I make. Will let you know test results as well as soon as we have them.

Have a most glorious day, too! Remember that the birds are still singing, the sun is still shining, Starbucks is still open somewhere, and most especially, God still sits on His throne. :) hugs!

edited to add - dr's office called this evening to schedule an appt. for tomorrow morning to go over test results, so they are back early. will let you know tomorrow what we learn.


Anonymous said...

Glad to know you're doing OK hun!! You don't worry about posting, but take care of yourself first!! Good for hubby to take care of you!! Thanks for the update friend! HUGS

Sandy S said...

Well girlfriend....let's hope & pray that your results are very positive...
Hugs from your DT buddy

Sandy S

Rhonda Miller said...

I'll be keeping you in my prayers Jennifer. I hope you have good news coming. Take care of yourself.

Dorcas said...

OMGoodness Jenn I had no idea! I'm so sorry! I will be thinking of you and hope all goes well.

Suzie McFloozy said...

You sleep it off hun - it's prob the stress x
Sending you love and best wishes hun and if I can do anything to help - you just yell !
((hugs)) Suzie xoxo

Melissa Czapor said...

Keeping you in my prayers!! Here's a verse from my morning devotional - 1Peter 5:7 -" Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you" May the Lord be with you tonight and tomorrow morning as you receive your results!!

K Clark said...

fingers crossed for good news tomorrow

Jennifer said...

Praise be to God for He is always there for us! Do take care, glad to hear the results are back sooner than expected! Get your rest!

Tracy said...

I'll be thinking about you and praying for you tomorrow. I'll be going for my yearly check up myself. You have the best attitude you could have because every bit of this event is in God's hands and you have placed your trust in Him. Keep strong in your faith sweetie. Sending a big strong hug! Mwahhh!