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Thursday, July 28, 2011

What I was doing yesterday......

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This is what I was doing yesterday, and oh, my soul is still singing! I had a surprise phone message from my Aunt Eleanor yesterday morning. She and my Aunt Diane, who both live in Texas, were going to be passing through my area for a few hours with Aunt Diane's grand-daughters, Sadie and Maddie. Would I be interested in meeting them for lunch? Heck YEAH! it had been probably about 15 years since I last saw Aunt Eleanor and almost 20 since seeing Aunt Diane. you bet your sweet bippee I wanted to see them!!!!! :)

but instead of going for a schmancy fancy lunch out, I asked it they would be interested in grabbing sandwiches and heading for a whirlwind trip to see my fam at their various locales. well they were all over that like a Texan on bbq, so we made plans to meet. Ryan has been at Band Camp all this week, so he made special arrangements with his band director for us to stop by for a few minutes. it brought back lots of fun high school memories for my aunts to see the marching band out on the field practicing! and they were most impressed Ryan gave me a hug in front of everyone. ;) awwww...... my guy!

then we were off to Camp Burton to meet up with everyone else. Camp's current session is a very special one called Camp Sue. it is for special needs children and teens to have the opportunity to attend an outdoor camp and experience swimming, ropes courses, zip lines, etc,. just like everyone else over the summer. it is a great time for everyone, and I am so glad my family had the chance to drop by during this amazing time! Tyler took Maddie and Sadie on a quick tour of Camp while the 'grown ups' visited, and Sadie even went down the Thunder Tube, a really cool enclosed ride that you go down on a sled - summer or winter. She had a blast!

So my heart is filled to overflowing at getting to see my precious precious aunts and cousins! oh how I love them so dearly! thanks for letting me share a special part of what matters the most to me with all of you. now go give YOUR family great big bearsized hugs right now! :)


Star said...

What a fabulous surprise!!! Sounds like you had a lot of fun, and that's fantastic. =D

Anonymous said...

AWW! so precious!! What a wonderful surprise for you! :) I agree with your last statement whole-heartedly!! HUGS to you! :)

Cat said...

What a fun time! So happy for you and your family!

Unknown said...

What a brilliant day, a lovely surprise and everyone looks so happy in the photos - happy memories for your family! xx

farmhouse-story said...

sweet family pics!