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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Shhhhh.... it might just be fixed!

Coffee of the Day - Sweet Potato

I don't want to speak too loudly so as not to jinx myself, but my compy might just be fixed! quiet hoorahs over here! I have spent 4 straight days working like a crazy woman on it. just glad that I can do many of the repairs myself. VERY thankful for that!

my external hard drive was the culprit, having been corrupted by a file I tried to download several days ago. icky viruses and such. :(

anyhow, since that IS my back-up, I haven't had access to any of my digital files of any kind - images or papers. about 2:30pm today I was finally able to get into the device for the first time so that I could move the files back onto my hard drive. whew.... what a relief!

looks like hubby will be taking a trip to the computer store next week to pick up a new one for me. of course the boys will be more than happy to tag along, since that is one of their most favorite stores to visit!

crossing fingers I will be back in business tomorrow, which means I can be back crafting tomorrow or Monday at the very latest.

thanks for being so patient with me! love to all of you!


Bad Kitty said...

crossing fingers for you

ursula Uphof said...

YAY!!, not shouting, just whispering. So pleased it all seems to be working. Modern technology just sucks, when it doesn't work for us. Enjoy your weekend and hope to see you back fully operational soon. Hugs, Ursula

Dawn Lancaster said...

Keeping everything crossed that it's all sorted out now! It's great that you were able to sort it out yourself & very satisfying too!Oh, & the boys get a trip to the store they love so muh! Win win! lol
Dawn xxx

Tracy Welham said...

Good to hear, have my fingers crossed. Creative Blessings, Tracy x