Friday, September 26, 2014

Big Stuff Coming Up!

Coffee of the Day - Creamy Chestnut

big events coming up in the crafty world - World Card Making Day on October 4 and Hope You Can Cling To for the entire month of October. plenty of opportunities to get inky!!!

 I'm spending the day putting finishing touches on my personal pink blog candy for next month to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness. will also do some sorting and arranging in the craft room so I am ready to be a craft warrior!

 don't feel as if everything you make next month has to be pink. there are so many amazing organizations that collect cards for people with debilitating illnesses. check with them for any specific needs or requests they might have before sending them your cards though. one of my faves is the Jellypark Post Pals Club, sending cards to children and teens with terminal illnesses.

the important thing is to pass the gift of kindness along.... have a great weekend!

and this is the latest news - I was just invited to be in a great Coffee Lover's Blog Hop on Monday!
sure hope you will stop by! lots of bloggers and lots of prizes! of course lots of coffee inspiration, too. ;)

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Rhonda Miller said...

Thanks for sharing this Jen. I'm excited for next weekend.