Thursday, October 31, 2013

Guess What I am Doing Today?

Coffee of the Day - Pumpkin Spice (kinda obvious on this one... grins!)

So what do you think I am doing today?

Hubby is getting himself ready for the big Hot Dog House we do every Halloween. in case you aren't familiar with this, we get together at a friend's house and grill hot dogs to pass out to families trick or treating. no charge, just a way to say 'hello' to all of the friendly people in our little town! we usually give away several hundred hot dogs in addition to hot chocolate and water every year. we've been doing this for over 10 years. I haven't been able to go the past few. it is such a wonderful tradition and we really have such a great time! :)

but I am getting envelopes of blog candy goodies ready to mail out!!!! I'll most definitely have 6 winners. after I get busy today, there might be more. I'll just have to see. you have until midnight tonight to get yourself linked for a chance to win! the majority of the entries are from outside of the USA, so don't let living across the pond stop you from entering! :)

yesterday I wrote about some of my crafting complaints. today you get the flip side. I am going to tell you about some FABULOUS stores and people who make this world a whole lot brighter! see, I'm not always a Debbie Downer. ;)

for customer service, you CAN NOT beat Stampin' Up!  I don't order from them as often as I would like, and yes, I do miss the days of being a demo. but if I ever ever have a problem, they are speedy fast to fix it with the happiest of people on the phone. if it's spilled re-inkers, broken stamp cases, or whatever, they go out of their way to make sure I AM HAPPY. their orders routinely ship out pretty fast, and replacements seem to ship even faster.

my son, Tyler, had a problem with something he ordered from Amazon a while back. he created a ticket on their website and actually received a call from their customer service dept within a few hours. here it is a few days later and an upgraded part has been sent. they told him they will call to make sure not only that the part arrived, but that it works properly. he is so very impressed!

now for some stores that go above and beyond......

I received, out of the blue, a package a few days ago from Simon Says Stamp. it's been a while since I last shopped with them. as far as I knew, they had no clue who I am.... inside this box was the most beautiful collection of pink crafty goodies - glitters, inks, perfect pearls, and stickles! you know I was beside myself!!! tucked inside was also a gorgeous handmade card. written inside it said, 'We were thinking of you and thought we'd send some things to help brighten your day.'  boy howdy, did it ever! last year my friend Lisa had sent me a wonderful box of things from their store when I was in the midst of chemo. Heidi and the people who work with her at SSS actually remembered that! and the really cool thing is that this box arrived right after I received my letter from the hospital, so I was needing a bit of cheering up. talk about God's timing! :)

next we have Unity Stamps. they are so very kind and generous! I wrote to them as soon as I was asked to be a hostess for Hope You Can Cling To and had my challenge approved. the 'Brave Boots' comes from one of their stamp sets. I just wanted to tell them what an inspiration that stamp set had been to me, and hopefully would be to someone else going through any kind of a battle. well, they sent a fabulous box of stamps (sets and individuals) for me to give away here on my blog! those of you who win prizes through the blog candy will be winning stamps that Unity has donated! how cool is THAT?!?! and just so you know.... I have kept one single sentiment stamp for myself. all of the rest are being given away. I want to be sure to pass along the kindness to all of you.

there are also multitudes of YOU who have sent me cards and care packages. my friend, Tracy, just recently sent me a zombie card that has me giggling every time I look at it! I never forget that I am blessed. really. I just need a bit of a break right now. there is a part of me that is weary. the sun still shines somewhere, the birds still sing. none of that has changed.

see you in a few days with the winners! :)


*Vicki* said...

Kudos to you and thanks for sharing Jenn! Have a happy and safe Halloween evening my friend! HUGS :)

Dorte said...

sending you love and hugs, happy Halloween, Jen,
Dorte xxx

Nancy said...

Wonderful post, Jennifer! I'm so happy to hear the flip side of things! Woohoo for Simon Says Stamp! I have always had the BEST response from them! What a wonderful thing it was for them to send you goodies! Enjoy your festivities tonight! :o)

Kathy said...

Happy Halloween! What a fun and kind thing your family and friends do on Halloween, think in a few years when my kiddos are bigger I might do that. What fun people must have to be greeted with a hot dog! LOVE THAT!

Just read your other post, too. Sorry you are needing a break, but I can understand. I try to avoid the drama out there, too stressful. Enjoy your break and family time. Will miss seeing your gorgeous creations and coffee of the day, too, lol!


Sammy said...

What a *fantastic* thing to do on Halloween! I wish I lived in a town where people are as friendly as you. Here we're lucky if people smile when they open the door and throw something out at the kids! lol.

And what a great write-up about the great companies out there. I know of quite a few too (I am personally lucky to not have had any real negative experiences yet. Worst case has been an item being out of stock, and getting refunded immediately!) and there's nothing that makes me smile more than a nice personal touch with an order. The Ribbon girl for example. Andrea always signs the invoice with a lovely sparkly pen and a flourish. Such a little thing, but it makes it so much less impersonal! x

Sandra said...

A beautiful post jen and nice to read.
Try to keep all the positive things in front of you!!

Stef H said...

you sound better but then... you are one of the strongest ladies i know. i am truly blessed! :)


Rhonda Miller said...

What a fun Halloween tradition and I'll bet those families really appreciate it. Our fire dept. in out old town does that every year and it was a relief.

Thank you for sharing your kudos for those companies.

Mary said...

I just read this post. What a lovely and kind thing that you,your husband and your friends do on Halloween. I hope you all enjoyed it this year.

I too was a SU demo. Unfortunately I had to leave SU. They are a wonderful company. Anyway, just wanted to stop by and say that I enjoyed this post very much. I hope you have a good day today. :)