Thursday, March 29, 2012

Smash Journal cover

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Hello to all of my beautiful followers and readers! Guess what? today I am actually going to show you a crafty!!! I know.... you are picking yourself up off of the floor because you think all I do these days is talk talk talk about icky cancer stuff. well no, today you get to see the cover of my Smash journal. not that thrilling I know, but at least it is a papercraft project! ;)

I've been working on this in bits and pieces. a lot of time has been spent waiting on drying. there is so much shine and sparkle that doesn't come through the scanner. I think there are a total of 4 shades of glimmer mist as well as walnut ink spray on there. I also used a wonderful pearl white paint as the base and rock candy distress stickles to accent parts of the dress as well as all of the flowers. so you'll have to use your imagination, dear friends. :)

The paper doll pieces come from the She Art collection by Christy Tomlinson. aren't they wonderful? I die cut the grass using some of her paper line and a MFT die. the ruffle ribbon is May Arts and the butterfly is Prima. it reads, 'She left her fears behind.' Doesn't that just seem so perfect for this journal?

I've been making journal tags for things that have been going on so far. Photos are ready to be picked up at Wally World, so then will get started on the inside pages. I'll post as I get each one completed.

Chemo went okay yesterday. Had a bad reaction to one of the medicines during the actual treatment, but the nurse was so kind and sat with me while I returned to normal. My friend Mel had sent me a mag she was featured in from the UK, so I took that with me to read. Another friend, Tracey, made a special bracelet for me, so I made sure to wear it. I was surrounded by my wonderful friends yesterday! thank you! feeling puny since returning home, but that is to be expected. at least this is all temporary. gosh, I have retained so much fluid and look like a hairless water buffalo in this photo. sheesh.....

I do want to be sure to mention this most lovely blog post by Krista of Saturated Canary. She has drawn an adorable cancer support image that she is offering for free to anyone who follows her blog. She also was so kind and gave me a sweet mention. Thank you, Krista! :) hugs to you!!!! please be sure to leave her a note of thanks and tell her I sent you over. she is such a generous and kind soul.


Unknown said...

Despite what you think about your own appearance, what struck me the most about that photo is, despite everything you've already gone through, you're STILL smiling! Love that about you!

Lisa xox

Jessica Buffa said...

Jennifer, I spotted the Christy Tomlinson image on my blog roll, then looked and saw it was you...SO EXCITED to see this. IT IS TRULY MAGNIFICENT!!!! I love all the wonderful colors and am super happy to hear you are already starting on your journal! Love it!

Linda Wescott said...

Love the journel, the paper doll is lovely and the sentiment perfect. As comment #1 says, you are smiling and that is a triumph over circumstance in itself isn't it. Will pop to saturated Canary. Hope you feel more comfortable later. Hugs lin

PeggyR said...

Your smile is great! I love what you made!

Jennifer said...

I just love your smash book cover! I love the fantastic details you've given it (even if they don't all show in the pic.)The layers to her dress are fantastic!
So glad that everything went ok for your first treatment! How often do you need to go?

Tracy said...

Oh wow! This looks great. :-) It's a shame we can't get our photos to show ALL of our hard work. LOL The tags sound like a great way to journal your journey through this unexpected turn in your life. Can't wait to see whatever you're able to create and share with us. :-) Hugs!

Renee B. said...

A hairless water buffalo? You are too funny! Love the cover of your journal...what does the quote say?

Only By His Grace said...

God bless you Jennifer. I came to your blog from Saturated Canary.
your card is beautiful.
I identify with you and pray you will soon be better.
Hugs and blessings Maz

Jenn Borjeson said...

You look gorgeous, you silly girl, as always. Your art journal page is fab - I love that Christy Tomlinson stuff, so cool. Sending you lots of hugs. xoxo

julie e said...

I love the cover! Good luck as you face the challenges that are coming.

Jessica Buffa said...

Hi again Jennifer. Hope you are having a good weekend. Have you had any time to write in your smash journal yet? I also wanted to share with you how thrilled I was when I heard the announcement on the radio yesterday that Chardon will be attending prom at the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame and the awesome band Cobra Starship will be performing. I would love to hear how pumped your son is about it all. I particularly wasn't sure who the band was exactly until my 16 y/o daughter about fell on the floor when I told her about it...LOL. She said..."Oh, mom, can I transfer to Chardon?" LOL

Karen Letchworth said...

Hi Jennifer! I don't know if you're already aware of this or not, but you were a winner on a while back, and I know there's a time limit to claim prizes. Just wanted to mention it to you just in case.
Hope you're doing well. And as a side note, I would LOVE to have you play along at when you can. Have a wonderful week, and God bless!
Karen L

Mary J said...

Hey honey! What a fab cover - love the texture and I'm sure it gleams beautifully in real life!

Sounds like you have a lot of support and for that I'm grateful!

Mary x

Tami G said...

LOVE how the journal turned out... Stay Positive... Sending a long distance HUG...