Sunday, February 27, 2011


Coffee of the Day - Maple Pecan

I had to come post........

from the first year we moved into our wonderful little Century home, we have had the most delightful birdie couple build their family nest on our front porch. I have no idea whatsoever what type birds they are, but they bring us such joy year after year with their songs. We eagerly watch as the eggs are laid and then those same chicks mature and fly away. The nests are created from all kinds of treasures found around our yard.

Well the couple has returned and has spent the past 10 minutes sitting on both the front door wreath and porch light right next to it. This is the first time in over 10 years that I have seen the daddy. He has the most brilliant red head and chest. I will most certainly have to do some investigating to see if I can discover what kind of birds they are. But my heart is soaring to see them return!

Funny how God can bring a little message into our day through His creations. How is He speaking to you today? are you taking the time to listen, to see? if I hadn't been sitting in this exact spot, I would have missed the moment. if I hadn't looked up, it would have passed me by. don't get so caught up in 'stuff' that you forget what is really important. You are loved. truly. madly. deeply.


Joy said...

What a beautiful little Sunday morning story! Isn't it a blessing to experience these precious moments!

Stef H said...

oh jennifer! that picture is gorgeous! i can just see that nest! we have a robin's nest in our tree and every spring they come and then when the babies hatch, the warmer weather is here and jade just loves to sit on the porch and watch them. heck, so do i.

hope you are well.

hugs :)

Gina Lindsay said...

How fun to watch! I have been enjoying sitting on my porch when I can with my cuppa coffee and watching and listening to the return of the birds. And that maple pecan coffee sounds yummy!!

Nicecrane Designs said...

I love The pict,,,,,,,Thanks a million,,,,,,,,,Hurra for Spring,,,,