Monday, December 27, 2010

Enjoying the Days.....

Coffee of the Day - Marzipan

Hello to all of you! I hope you had a most beautiful holiday - full of love, good cheer, laughs, and memories to keep your heart full of smiles! :) Ours was quiet, well, with the exception of the game systems going non-stop and the laughter that went along with it, but you know what I mean. It was glorious, truly glorious, to have everyone together! :)

Thought I would give just a little update on what is going on and what to expect with my crafty blogging.......

Still recuperating from a pretty nasty time of it. oh well, life has ups and downs. we must accept that the valleys will come, put on our muck boots, and just walk right on through them. so I am hopefully coming out of it all and will be back to crafting again soon. at least I hope so! ;) my butons and ribbons are calling out to me every day, so I am anxious to get back to playing with them! grins!

Santa blessed with me with a few crafting magazines in my stocking. how delightful to see some of my friends in publication! kudos to you! a big shout out to Dru at Garden of Dreams! I have always admired her way with vintage, so it was a thrill to see her card published. Makes me think I might get back to sending things in to try again, but we shall see. I am just so proud of those who DO get accepted. way to go! :)

as for DT work, you will probably notice that I have cut way back. Some I stepped away from, some I was removed from, some the time was up. Right now I remain with Shady Tree Studios. I have to say over and over again that I have loved every team I have ever been on. There have been so many amazing people I have met over the years and of course wonderful companies to be associated with. I appreciate so much the people who took a chance on me.

I hope to keep trying new techniques over the upcoming year. I have seen such fun things featured that I am anxious to try! I would love to work on more scrapbook pages. Perhaps a few more altered projects as well....... who knows what might end up on these blog pages in the new year?! maybe even that dreaded sewing machine will get pulled out of the attic........ giggles!

I guess that more than anything I want to stay true to who I am, but keep refining my style. I don't ever want to lose sight of myself in my crafting and get caught up again in trying to 'keep up' with everyone else. I can't afford it, but I think I lose a part of who I am when I do that.

So for those of you who would like to hang around for this journey, grab a cuppa! I so love and appreciate you! I will give my blog a new look again right after New Year's Day, but until then, I do love the look of this bg! :) For those of you who decide to choose a different road, it has been a great time having you around and I thank you for your visit for a while! You have all, in whatever degree you have stopped by, made my life a bit brighter. and for that I thank you deeply! :)

Until next time.... Jennifer


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to traveling on your crafty journey in 2011!! Hugs!!

Linda Coughlin, the funkie junkie said...

Lovely post, Jennifer. So sorry to hear you are sick again and best wishes for a speedy recovery. Glad to hear you are going to stick with paper crafting in the upcoming year, How smart you are to recognize that you must stay true your own style of art. Every time I see someone's else's style that I admire and try to imitate it, I struggle mightily, but when I relax and do what comes naturally, it is a joy to create.

Wishing you and your family many, many blessings in 2011.


Gina Lindsay said...

Life has been a bit crazy, I haven't been able to visit very much. But I think of you often! As soon as it got fall and I found my first Pumpkin Spice Coffee and I think of you every time I have a cup. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and many blessings to you in the New Year. Hope to see you around more often!