Saturday, July 31, 2010

Let's go pink with Eloise at The Plaza

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In honor of Pink Saturday, I am going to share with you some beautiful PINK news! I originally had another post planned for today, but as soon as I saw this news release...... well, you will see why it is so perfect!

Eloise comes to The Plaza - for REALS! :)

Starting at a mere $2045 per night, you and your DD can stay in the new Eloise Suite, designed by Betsy Johnson. Your DD will have her photograph taken upon arrival, which will later be presented to her framed. Once you get to the Suite, you will be greeted with pink striped walls trimmed in gold leaf, a chandelier with pink light bulbs, king sized bed with pink paadded headboard, and zebra print carpets. Your DD can then sign the official guestbook and snuggle into her very own Eloise robe. Various gift items in the package include a disposable Eloise camera, your own copy of the book, notecards, and a $100 gift card to spend. Perfect for any little Eloise in the making who wants to utter those famous words, "Charge it!" Click here for more info and to make your reservation. tee hee hee!

by the way, if any of the staff are asked where Eloise might be at that particular moment, they have been known to say, "in Europe," "shopping on Madison Ave.," or on a horse ride.

Since I don't have a DD, do you think they would let me stay in the room?! giggles!


Abramyan Avenue said...

Oh my goodness... the room is beautiful! However the price... My daughter is so ready to redo her room. THIS is what I had in mind...she wants purple with black skulls. We couldn't be more different! Ha! Thanks for sharing. Maybe I can convince her to at least LOOK at this room. It does have black on that fun zebra carpet!

D. Jean Quarles said...

Too funny. Happy belated pink day.

fiberdoodles said...

Happy belated Pink Saturday!!

Chatty Crone said...

Gosh - I think that I'll spend a few days there - (LOL).