Thursday, June 10, 2010

ISO Stampin' Up refills.......

Coffee of the Day - Creme Brulee

Good morning! I hope all of you are having a glorious day! the sun is shining so beautifully in the sky here, the birds are just chirping away, and it is as lovely as you could possibly ask for. :)

Most of you know that I do almost all of my coloring for my creations with Stampin' Up! inks. When I heard that they were retiring many of their colors, I put together a small order of reinkers and contacted my demonstrator. She didn't want to put an order in at the time and said she would place it sometime in June. I told her then that I was worried about items selling out, but never heard back. Well Monday I went to the SU! website and checked. Yep, most of what I wanted had already sold out. what a disappointment. Yesterday hubby and I placed a small order for what was still available. He told me that I could check out whatever outlets I needed to in order to track down these last colors. Unfortunately, SCS won't allow any ISO threads to open until the new catty officially opens next month. I haven't found any EBay auctions for these yet, but will get started looking.

So dear bloggers I am coming to you in case any of you are parting with some of these refill colors. Please let me know and I can get payment out to you. I sure do appreciate any help you can offer. Even partial bottles will work. :) thanks!

Mellow Moss
Pixie Pink
Sage Shadow
Cameo Coral
Gable Green

Now on to why I am leaving my blog - it isn't a big reason and yet I guess it kinda is. It has nothing whatsoever to do with my health. I am actually feeling pretty good right now, knock on wood! and I must say that after talking this over with David, he is very happy for the choice I am making. He doesn't in any way want me to stop crafting. He has actually offered to take my cards to various stores to see if they will sell them. Isn't that so sweet of him?! what a hunny bunny! :)

No, instead there are just some not so pleasant folks who have been letting me know for quite a while that my blog is not effective and I have minimal crafting talent. I realize that in life we will always come across nay-sayers, but this is something I do for my pleasure, for my stress-release, and for what I thought was for sharing a bit of God's love with other people. I find that having to constantly deal with the negative aspect has begun to diminish the joy I find in blogging.

I will continue to craft and visit SNR, PCP, and the new digi group, Crafter's Digital Art. I will continue to shop my little heart out at my favorite digi shops like Isabella's, Squigglefly, The Stamping Boutique, Mo's, KPink, and Shirleys 2 Girls (to name only a few of my many faves!). But because I won't have a blog, I have to leave my DTs. There are many talented people who serve on these teams, and I hope you will visit them often.

My love and thanks go out to each one of you. I hope you will still visit here in these next few weeks.


paulssandy said...

No Talent, are you kidding. Why would someone even say that. Even if it were true and it is not, how dare they.

I do find blogging hard as far as getting people who like what I do, and have thought of not doing it any longer, so I understand you decission.

I hope you are able to enjoy the hobby more and to see you on the forums, hugs

Anonymous said...

Oh Jennifer!! I am so very sad to hear that you have been the victim of that kind of nastiness!!! You make WONDERFUL things, and moreover, your posts are always so fun to read! (Well, not this one, because my heart hurts for you -- but hopefully you know what I mean). I do understand your decision, though -- you've got to do whatever feels right to you and keep this a fun hobby for yourself. I'm thrilled to hear that we'll still be seeing you around in the community, and look forward to seeing more of your FANTASTIC creations, because that is what they are!!! Hugs, Deedee

Dragonlady said...

So sorry that some thoughtless small minded people have ruined you enjoyment of blogging. You have bucket loads of talent in my humble opinion and you are going to be sorely missed in blogland. Happily I will be seeing you around at Digital Crafters - take care hun.

Hugs Ali x

Annika said...

Oh Jennifer, I haven't been online much lately (sinusitis and sore eyes) and now I read that you have decided to close down your blog. :o I almost cried, really! How dare anybody tell you you have no talent??!! You are amazingly creative and truly talented and your cards and your beautiful writing have brightened many of my days. I will miss you terribly but understand that you don't need any stress from something that should be a pure enjoyment.

Quite often I just can't understand people. :(

Big hugs from me!

Viv said...

I am gob-smacked that anyone has the gall to say anything like that to you Jennifer! You're a lovely, talented, warm-hearted person with a lot to share and you will be a huge loss to us!
Human nature astounds me sometimes. We find people like this in all situations in life I suppose...I don't know what enjoyment they get out of this sort of thing. I'm sure they must be miserable in their own lives if they have to ruin things for others! We will miss you Jennifer! Viv xx

Payne Holler Cards said...

THUD! you sure surprised me! no talent!!!???? are you kidding me! have they not seen your incredible fabulous sidebar - there is hardly a team around that you havent designed for!!! please dont leave based on a negative opinion - oh my you will be missed! think of all the discussion forums that we gather around you with...have to check out what you're having for coffee. Hope this decision isnt definite - but if it is - then my friend you have my blessing and hope you won't be a stranger and visit often...sad face here but sending you a big hug with love!

PeggyR said...

My gosh people have a lot of nerve! I don't always post crafts on my blog! If they don't like what I craft then that's their loss and not mine! We live so close, we should meet up one of these days..

Anne said...

Whhaaaat!!! I'm sorry these people have been upsetting you and I'm sorry for them - a litle bit - they are blind to your talent and intrusive to your life. I hope you'll change your mind and not let them win, but if you stick to your decision, I'll miss you lots!

Big hugs

Crystal said...

Oh Jennifer, I'm just catching up on all my blog hopping and came across your post. It's sad that people take joy in hurting other's feelings! Please don't take to heart what was said...GIRL you have talent! I'm sad to see you go as I'm just starting out on TSB and would love to get to know you and see more of your creations!

Cec said...

I just got back from my trip to The Hat and saw this disappointing news. If you don't have talent, you don't get published and you've been published more than once. People that make comments like that do so because they are either jealous or intimidated by people like you who have talent.

I am going to miss coming to visit your blog but I know how to find you and hope that this wonderful friendship we have begun will continue to flourish.

Much love and big hugs!

michele said...

Oh Jennifer my heart goes out to you hun. I can't believe people could be so horrible!!!! your cards are as wonderful as you are I shall miss you terribly. you know where I am if you need me huge great big hugs xxxxxxxxx

Barbara said...

Oh jennifer what sad news. first let me say Art is what "YOU" create.not what someone else thinks it should be.I come to your blog to see what your drinking and to see what you have created.And so do lots of other people.So think about it dont let the negative people win.Keep creating keep posting because where else would i go to see all the coffee flavors that are out there and see all the beautiful cards,with buttons and lace.LOL!! oh yeah im checking my stash and see if i have those colors you need.So ill be back to post if i have them ok,Hugs

Heather said...

I'm a little late on this but I am gobsmacked that someone would say that on a blog let alone yours. You are one of the most talented and prolific artists out there. Whoever this misguided individual was they were jealous or unstable.

Sharon said...

Jennifer, I'm sorry your leaving your blog I look forward to looking at it. Finding out the coffe of the dayand your life wisdom. Will look for you in other place. I personly love your cards.

CarlaKH said...

this saddens me.... but there are times I want to walk away from blogland too.... but I am too stubborn!