Monday, October 27, 2008

Warm Wishes Snowflakes

Coffee of the Day - Cinnamon Hazelnut

What a wonderful day! I was taking out my dogs this morning (Mocha & Latte, yep I told you I have a thing about coffee!) and it was snowing!!!! not big flakes, mind you, but just a little flurry. Oh it was so joyful to see those flakes! I love the snow! even after 10 years of living right smack dab in the heart of the snowbelt of Ohio, I still grin like a little kid when it starts to snow! of course nothing stuck, but it sure did my heart good to see those cool flakes landing on the dogs' coats. I truly believe that EVERY SINGLE DAY God has a special treat just for each person to let us know that He is thinking about us. That was mine! What is yours today? Keep your eyes open!

So in recognition of those first snowflakes of the season, I am posting this card I made yesterday. I received this wonderful stamp set from Cornish Heritage Farms in the mail at the end of last week. I had won them from a card contest they had on World Cardmaking Day. (Yes, there is such a day no matter that my hubby, David, says that EVERY day at our house is Card Making Day!!) Anyhow, I was challenged by some of the ladies over at CHF to make a card over the weekend using the set. The snowflakes are embossed in white and the main image is covered in Butter Cream Shimmerz. yep, I told you I love that stuff! I also added a bit of Shimmerz to the flower. The buttons and lace are from my vintage stash.

Everyone have a great day! May love keep you warm!


Anonymous said...

Very beautiful card! The wind was blowing today and leaves were falling everywhere...that made me smile.

Unknown said...

very beautiful card, Jennifer! I love snowflakes, they are so beautiful.

Unknown said...

Just GORGEOUS! I love those colors, and the card is just divine! :-)

Gina Lindsay said...

Very pretty. How cool that you created a card to honor the first snowflakes. I am the same way, I giggle like a little kids when I see snow.

Unknown said...

Very pretty! TFS!