Sunday, July 22, 2012

Yahoo Email

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It's a glorious day today and I am going to focus on that..... I am NOT going to let the horrible person who has once again hacked into my yahoo email account and sent out spam to my beloved friends & family telling them to 'click here' for fabulous deals on who knows what so that they get nasty bugs infecting their computers to ruin this glorious day. that people exist in this world who find delight in spreading their own angst and sorrow upon others is just something that the rest of us have to put up with..... but we do NOT have to let it ruin our day. that means we give in to them. and I refuse to do that.

I am not going to change my email address. yes, it would be the easy thing to do, but gosh, I have so much stuff attached to that email. it would be a huge pain to change it, but more than that - it would be giving it to whomever that person is. I will not do that. yep, I am stubborn. I admit it. but they are not going to barge into my life, cause havoc (or so they think!), and imagine I am going to let them claim victory. nope. not gonna happen. I will continue on as if they are no more than a pesky mosquito.

so please, wonderful friends & family, if you received one of those hateful spam emails from 'me', just calmly hit delete and go about your day. do not click on the link contained in the email. just delete it and don't give it more than the 30 seconds attention needed.

there is so much beauty that deserves our attention. so many people who deserve our smiles, hugs, and love. let us not give in to the hate, the darkness, the anger. instead we will pray that somehow beauty will come to their lives and their hearts will be softened. we can hope.


Jenn Borjeson said...

I know spam when I see it, so I didn't click on it - and you have a good attitude, as always. Love ya, girlie! xoxoxoxoxo

Anne-Marie said...

I suppose we should feel sorry for the kind of person who does this.....doesn't seem like they have much joy in their life, does it? Good to see you are batting away that pesky mozzie....haaahaa!

Pam said... hiss!:)

Jennifer said...

Do enjoy the glorious day Jen! There are always nasties around us, but we have to just choose to keep going and not give them too much thought!

ThePurplePlace said...

Already done!! I actually wondered if you knew, so I did send you a email as an FYI - but you can now simply delete it! :)

I knew right away it was a virus or hacked and know you well enough to know that those emails were NOT from you....but form some loser, so who nothing better to do than cause upset and trouble...shame on them!!

You take care and don't worry a bit...!! Sorry that this happened, but I knew it was JUNK band baloney I did not need to read or link to!


PS; Sending happy thoughts and prayers!

teepee said...
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