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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Word Verification...

Just a note to those of you who have word verification on your blogs......

I can't leave comments for you, as much as I would like to. It's not that I am protesting anything, it is that I truly can't. my eyes can not see the letters and numbers that are printed for us to type. I try and try, and I can not get my brain to wrap itself around what is printed. I spent over 5 minutes and a dozen tries on one person's blog one day.

With my seizures and migraines, I guess my brain just doesn't grasp those tightly bound images. add in my chemo brain, and it's now a jumbled up mess. We are finding that I have permanent damage in one of my eyes from the chemo, so you can see why those word verifications are truly impossible for me to see. I have tried listening to the letters, but did you know that they just keep listing things on and on and on? they don't stop! ;)

if you choose comment moderation rather than word verification, you can still stop or keep track of spammers on your blog.

just a little opinion from someone who would love to say hello, but truly can't.


Penny said...

Jennifer, I know what you mean--I have "old" eyes and it is difficult for me to see the darned things, too! I wish there were no such thing as word verification! So glad you posted this! :^)

Mary J said...

They are such a pain, I agree with you Jennifer! the newer versions are even worse - it sometimes takes me 2 or 3 times to complete but now if it doesn't work, I just give up!

Renee said...

I find it a pain & I don't have siezures!! If I don't get it first time I don't even try to somewhere more "inviting" I go! Have a great day!
Hugs, Renee

Pam said...

Bless your heart.. I hate word verification. I get so frustrated with those stupid things, it is a pet peeve of mine!

CreatewithTlc said...

I don't understand why people still use Jennifer said, just choose comment moderation. I have no clue what some of these sites with word verification want...because no matter what you type in, it doesn't like it....and I generally can see the letters.
So I vote...turn it off~! Doesn't serve any purpose. Sure you will get some spam...but that is what the delete button is for.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on this one!!! I am dyslexic and it really gets me in a right pickle! so HERE HERE!!! to TURNING it off!! thehhehee hugs me xx

PS!! LOVE your New Photo too!! hugs me xx

ThePurplePlace said...

Count me in as another one who really struggles with Word Verification? I don't know why it's such a challenge for me...maybe Fibro Fog...maybe because I don't have the best eyes...who really knows.

All I can say is that it's a real Pain in the Butt and as much as I try to leave comments, when I can, I now give up on any blog where it is turned on!

Please be kind to ALL and kindly TURN Off - Word Verification!!

Thanks and special thanks to Jenn for sharing another example of how many of us struggle with those silly words and numbers!!