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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Kinda Overwhelmed....

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I confess to spending a great deal of today pretty much in shock and awe... it isn't often you find me speechless. just ask my friends - it's tough for me to write an email message that doesn't turn into the Great American Novel. but today has been so very different. it's been hard to express every emotion that has passed through both my wonky head and heart.

You see, yesterday, the most lovely Cath, editor extrodinaire over at Paper Crafts magazine and writer of all things Moxie Fabilicious, sent me an email. She asked ever so politely if she could mention on her Moxie Fab blog about the Paper Makeup Stamps digi set that is being sold for my family. wow! now you have to understand that Cath has been emailing me almost weekly since my cancer diagnosis to check in with me. even in the midst of some of her own health issues, she still took the time to make sure I was doing okay. how freaking amazing is THAT?!?! I mean, she is like the Queen of papercrafting, and she was checking on ME? whoa nelly.....talking about feeling unworthy.... sheesh yeah! then she sends me this email yesterday. okay. I was done. tears they were a' falling!

So I emailed a few of my peeps to let them know what was going on, all the while in this weird fog, trying to wrap my head around all of this kind stuff happening..... not because I want stuff for or about me, but because a LOT of REALLY nice people have put a LOT of time and energy into this. I want them to see something good come their direction in any way I can. me, I'm over here hiding in my cave. truly.

then I wake up this morning after tossing & turning all night.... I'm serious when I say that this has really not been my thing and has me wanting to run for the hills... I sign into my email account and find a message from the lovely ladies over at Milk Coffee. they tell me that there is a little something on the main blog for me to stop by to see. I'm just gonna send you over there yourself so you can take a looksie, but suffice it to say, Niagra Falls. (quote from a family fave movie around here, "Scrooged" with Bill Murray). yep, the tears started all over again.

so if you could please do me a HUGEY HUGE favor. stop by Moxie Fab and tell Cath what a sweetheart she is. then hop over to the Paper Makeup Stamps blog and let Katie, Michelle, and Jenn know what angels they are. then make one last trip over to Milk Coffee and let them know that you are all about "Fighting Like a Girl" with them and how fabby they are.

I am humbled. there are so many beautiful people out there in this big ol' bloggy world. and I really do thank God that He has blessed my life by allowing me to know YOU! I am the one who has been made richer. I am the one who is so very thankful. and I rejoice in every moment! :)


LilyPinkScraps said...

How lovely to be surrounded by such wonderful, thoughtful people :)
I never fail to be amazed by the depth of caring that comes from within this so-called virtual world - it seems pretty real to me. You are obviously an inspiration to so many and so rightly deserving of this gesture.

Hippieaud (aka Audrey) said...

Everyone who knows you Jen is praying for you and doing what they can to show you how much we care. Not only is this a testament to the wonderful, kind people out their in the crafting community, but it is a documentation of how special YOU are and how many lives YOU have touched. May God continue to bless you with the positive energy you possess and the strong fighting spirit you maintain. Many hugs and prayers.

Rhonda Miller said...

Jennifer, that is soo great that she mentioned the set and encouraged everyone to help. I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

Vee Cassidy said...

Hello, Jenifer
I am glad that you are finding love and support from blog friends. Vee xx

Shelly Schmidt said...

How cool is this! Keeping you in thoughts and prayers- and looking forward to a fun Blog Hop- it is a big huge hug for you! I love the community of paper crafters- biggest hearts ever- starting with you!

Penny said...

Jennifer, it is wonderful to see all the support out there for you, which you deserve! Love it! :^)

Cath said...

Thanks for all your kind words, Jennifer. I just wish I could do more. We all love and care about you, and hope that this virtual embrace feels as real as it truly is.

All my love to you, my dear friend. :)

Tracy said...

Isn't it wonderful to be loved! Nuff said. :-) Hugs!

~amy~ said...

Hello...I hopped over here from Joan B's blog...This paper crafting community is thee best...keeping you in my thoughts.

Shannah said...

Hey gorgeous girl - just popped in to see how you are doing and to say hi! What a beautiful community this is - hope you are feeling wrapped in all the warmth coming your way! Sending you my biggest hugs and jumping on board to help in any way I can! Love and healing hugs, Shannah xox

ThePurplePlace said...

We ALL love you and want to do whatever we can to bring a smile to your face and help you through the hard days!!

You're such a dear person and I'm so honored to have met you! I think everyone is simply trying to let you know how much we care and how much you are loved!!