Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Few Great Book Reads....

Coffee of the Day - Iced Coconut Mocha ('cause it is stinky hot outside!)

Hello everyone! sorry I have been away for a while. that last round of chemo has taken it's toll on me. oh lawsie, do I ever hurt deep down in my bones. I've spent so much time in bed, mainly sleeping, but also doing some reading. I can't seem to get the energy to move, but this fever I've had since chemo isn't helping things either. yep, I'm whining like a proper 2 year old today! just wait until I throw myself down on the ground and start pitching a fit.... but wait, that would require much more energy than I have right now, so we'll just pretend...

I. do. not. feel. good.
not pretty, proper English, but right now I just don't care. we'll get out the red marking pen and proof read my blog for errors later..... ;)

anyhow.......I have read a LOT of books lately. some good, some stinkers, but one I feel compelled to tell you about. you know that I am a nerdy sort. this is a non-fiction book, but one that really touched my heart. It is called 'The Immortal Life of HEnrietta LAcks'. my goodness, was it a book that just reached out and grabbed me, not just because of the science, but because of the people. It will most certainly make you think. and ask questions - important questions.

another book I thoroughly enjoyed was 'Sarah's Key'. This is a work of fiction based on a true time in history.

hopefully the next time I post I will be feeling better. looking forward to being able to craft again. I really miss it, but gosh, just don't feel much like doing anything yet.....

y'all take care and know you are loved!
btw - I have linked the books to the Barnes and Noble website, but I get almost all of my books and movies from the public library. what a remarkable place! :)

p.s. A quick birthday shout out to our son, Mick! I am so proud of the man you are becomiing. God has blessed me as a mother, indeed! :) may your day be filled to overflowing with all you could ever hope for!


Susie said...

Just take care of yourself. I hope you feel better soon. Still praying for you.

Pat said...

Hope you feel better soon and are able to do some crafting in the meantime enjoy your reading. Take care.

Pat xx

Penny said...

Jennifer, hang in there, Kiddo! Feel better soon! And I have read Sarah's Key, too, and just loved it! :^) Will have to check out your other book. I am reading Run by Ann Patchett right now--it's a good fast read. Sending you good thoughts and giant hugs,

Cath said...

I just bought The Immortal Life... and can't wait to sink my teeth into it. I'm so glad you have something to help you get through the tough times when you're not feeling up to doing anything else. I've read more books since my surgery than I have in the last few months or so! Hang in there, Jennifer--and thanks for your kind comments on my various blog posts the past couple of weeks. I think of you often...and fondly.

ThePurplePlace said...

Hi Hun,
Nice to see a post from you and wanted you to know I've had you in my thoughts and that the prayers will continue.

I sure wish the darn CHEMO did not make you so sick, while it's actually helping at the same time...GEESH!! Kinds of sounds crazy that you have to feel so miserable to improve!!

In the meantime, I am glad you found some really good books to read that you are such a good reader. That's one thing I am not good at, I don't have good reading eyes and even with contacts or reading glasses, everything tires me out and I fall asleep. I think I need to find out more about books on tape or something, as I'm always hearing about this great reads!!

Take care my friend...please VENT to ME at certainly have every right to speak your good times and the not so good to.


Sending Happy Birthday Wishes to your son, Mick too! I know you adore ALL your sons and their gal's too! :)

CreatewithTlc said...

Happy Birthday to your son~!...and thank you for the book review.....I seem to be stuck in crime dramas.

Shelly Schmidt said...

I sure hope tomorrow is a better day for you, and that in no time this time of Chemo pain and fog is a distant memory! Glad you are finding some good books to read.

Renee said...

Hey Jen...good to hear from you...sorry you are feeling the pits though! I have read Sarah's Key & really liked it too. Have you read The Boy in The Stripped Pajama's? I finally read 11/22/63....thanks for recommending it...loved it!!
Feel better soon!
Hugs, Renee

Tracy said...

Happy Birthday Mick!
One of my blog commenters suggested a good old flogging for those nasty computer virus creators out there who messed with my puter. I say we put cancer and chemo treatments on the list with them. What do you think? :-) So sorry to hear that the treatments are kicking your butt again but at least you're getting a little reading enjoyment. I LOVE LOVE my local library. Just loaded up there yesterday. I rarely ever read anything more than once so free sounds a lot better than $6+ for a one time read.
You get lots of rest and feel better. That's an order! LOL Sending big hugs!

Jennifer said...

BIG HUGS to YOU! I pray you'll be feeling better soon. I 'm sorry that you have to endure so much!
May you find some joy in the day! Perhaps something unexpected! Do you still have your little visitors to your yard?

Jessica S said...

Happy Hugs being sent your way. Envisioning you pitching a fit on the floor, can't be having that...LOL! Hope Mick had a fabulous birthday!
I have some news to share with you and would love for you to email me when you get a moment to do so...HUGS!
Jessica S
email me at:

Rhonda Miller said...

I've been thinking of you. I'm praying you feel better soon. Thanks for sharing this.

Linda w said...

I hope you are feeling a little more comfortable than when you wrote your post, I made a card using some of the bits from the candy you sent it you feel well enough to take a look. Keeping you in thoughts with fondness. Hugs lin

Tameko said...

Hope that you get to feeling better soon. Thanks for the reviews.
Prayers & Blessings,

teepee said...

Praying that you are feeling better really soon, and sending hugs. So glad to see that you read "Henrietta Lacks". My book club read it and we had a lively discussion!

Pryn said...

I am late on the birthday wishes, but please let Mick know that I hope this birthday brings him a year of wishes come true!

Speaking of wishes, I wish for you to be pain free and cancer free. I am saying prayers for you sweet Sistah and I am keeping you right in the center of my heart. Sending you tons of love and gentle hugs!

CTgirl said...

Sending you hugs!
Hope you are feeling better!
Thanks for the book reviews!