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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Post Surgery Update...

Coffee of the Day - Texas Turtle (chocolate, caramel, & pecan)

Hello my wonderful family & friends! Surgery went well on Tuesday. I ended up not going in until about 3 pm, which was much later than we were first told, but that is okay. It meant we had a lovely visit with a dear friend of ours who popped by to say hello. :) I must say I am just overwhelmed by the kindness that has been poured out upon me and my family through all of this. so many beautiful flowers, gifts, cards - especially handmade ones!, emails, texts, phone calls.... gosh, the list just goes on and on. :) Thank you to each one of you who have expressed such love and concern. your prayers have touched each person in my family. I've heard that so many of you wore pink on Tuesday to show your support! how that makes my heart sing! :)

I ended up having 3 lymph nodes removed, but thank the dear Lord in Heaven, none show signs of cancer! left behind a doozy of an inscision though..... I must say I am most proud of my ginormous zombie scar from the tumor removal - it packs a whompin' 6" or so of pure Saw-like terror! grins! and oh lawsie, does it hurt. so I'm not being the brave mommy one itty bitty bit for this freak show..... I'm taking my pain meds like a good girl and sleeping like a baby. tee hee! nurses in recovery told me the tumor was about the size of an orange, so it was much larger than they thought from the beginning. just happy it's gone! ;)

We get test results on Monday when I go back in for a follow-up visit. Originally we were supposted to find out tomorrow, but the pathology lab has been backed up, so now it will be Monday.

So that's it for now. again, thank you so much to everyone for your kindness! love to all of you! Jennifer


Rhonda Miller said...

I'm glad to hear the lymph nodes were clear. An orange?! Wow. You take care of yourself. Enjoy the rest. You're all continually in my prayers.

terriavidreader (IN-USA) said...

I haven't left comments before, but I've been thinking of you nearly every day! I pray things go as well as they appear! I lucked out with no lymph node involvement too. Just know you are being prayed for and thought of daily!

Lisa Sumpter said...

eeeek!! so not liking the zombie scar business, you keep taking those meds! sleep off the pain xx

Suzie McFloozy said...

So very good to hear you're are doing well - I'm hoping that the news continues to be good x
That scar sounds painful make sure you keep on top of those meds x
Thinking of you and yours every day x
((hugs)) Suzie xoo

Sandy said...

It is great that the nodes are clear. It is time for you to heal & for you to be wrapped in the love of the Lord & all of us too!

Take care to take the time for you...

Sandy S

Renee said...

So good to hear there is no lymph node involvement! Love your sense of humor about the zombie scar....not sure I could maintain such a wonderful spirit. Be well my friend.

melissac said...

Continuing to keep you in my prayers!!

Elizabeth said...

Sending you hugs and prayers you are amazingly strong for all you've gone through. Hugs Elizabeth

Danielle May said...

Jen, you are taking all this like a trooper, I am pleased to hear that the cancer hadn't spread to your lymph nodes and your are taking your meds. You've been in my thoughts this past week knowing your surgery was happening and I will be thinking of you on Monday when you go to get your results and follow up visit. Hugs

ThePurplePlace said...

Hi Jenn,

What a relief to hear some good news and knowing that your nodes are clear is very very good and positive news! I am very, very happy to hear that and now hope you'll continue to heal and feel better.

Like you, My Mom also had a Lumptectomy, to remove her cancer and she also was very pleased to find that her lymph nodes were clear. That was a nice sign of relief for all of us and I'm sure you feel the same way! And like you, she followed up with six weeks of Radiation. That's long over with now and she continues to be cancer free and doing great!! She did not need Chemo and know takes Tamoxifen, but that's it and all her follow-up Mammograms have been perfect! :)

I am stunned to hear about the size of your tumor...WOW!! That's scary to think it grows or grew so quickly. But, I'm also HAPPY to know it's now gone and will continue to pray that it never returns.

Please know I'm thinking of you each day and still thinking about all of the people in Chardon who were touched the awful tragedy. It's all so heartbreaking and just is hard to even begin to understand.

Please take care and enjoy your nice little naps! I do hope your pain levels stay controlled and that you are comfy.

Hugs to you and all of your family too!


Michelle VP said...

Jenn! I am so sorry that I've been away from your blog this long. I just saw your comment on the PMS Blog and had no idea of your cancer diagnosis and surgery. I'm thankful your surgery went well and pray the test results on Monday are good too. What an emotional time it must have been for you lately with the school shooting in your town too - big {hugs}. I have missed your pretty, detailed, layered creations for the PMS Digi Team - you have such talent! Rest and heal, my friend. Look forward to updates soon. :)

ahlers5 said...

Thinking of you and hoping you have a quick recovery. Take care of yourself. You're in my prayers.

Tracy said...

YAY! This sounds so positive. :-) I'm so glad to read this post. You've been on my mind and in my prayers. Like Lis, my mom also had breast cancer. Her cancer was only the size of a pea and her lymph nodes were clear. They did do a mastectomy on that breast, but she didn't do any chemo or radiation and took Tamoxifen also. She's been clear and free since 1993. I'd say that zombie scar is a badge of courage. :-) Sending you hugs and continued prayers that the tests will come back with more positive news too. Mwah!

Katie Cotton said...

thinking about you jenn! We will be praying for you and your family and town for all to recover!!!

Dawn said...


Glad to hear your lymph nodes are clear. Praying for you!


LORi said...

Sending up prayers with your name on them Jennifer. Praying for complete healing in Jesus' Mighty Name!! ♥LORI

Jennifer said...

Jen, I am so glad that you're recouperating! Sorry it too me so long to write, I was definitely thinking of you and praying for you when you went in for the surgery! Such a blessing for it to be gone, and the nodes look good! I shall be praying you recover and that your "wound" will heal well! Hugs, Jennifer

PeggyR said...

I am glad surgery went well and the lymph nodes were clear. Hope the rest of your results are just as good!

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

sheesh! i don't show up for a while and you go and have surgery! but it sounds like all went well. i'll be adding you to my prayer list for sure.

thought i'd stop by and say hi and let you know you've been in my head. well no wonder!

big hugs, my friend!