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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Kisses for for my heart... he graduates today.....

Coffee of the Day - last day of instant! Alleluia!!!

Oh my goodness, I am going to try to get through this post without rivers of tears, but won't make any promises.

My friend Annika introduced me to a wonderful digi artist whose store is called A Day for Daisies. WOW! just beautiful images in her store!!! As soon as I saw this one, I knew I had to have it. It so reminded me of the times when the boys were babies and I would hold them, oh so tight. The image is called 'Kisses', appropriately. The card took me forever to finish, not because it is complicated, on the contrary, but instead because I kept crying and had to stop to wipe away the tears.

My precious Mick graduates from high school tonight. I am so very very proud of him. He has done so well. Everything about him just makes me love him more with each passing day. That is why it will be so very hard when he leaves for college this fall. I know with each beat of my heart that God holds Mick tight in His arms and directs every single step he takes. But I feel as if he is taking my heart with him. We have spent his lifetime getting him ready for this point. Tyler is leaving at the same time, so that is what is making this twice as tough. So it is what this graduation stands for - our lives are changing, forever changing. and I have to remember that this change is not bad. But I will miss them and I will never be the same again.

And so today, I will remember those beautiful baby kisses. and I will know that they are tucked away in my heart where they will never be forgotten. The seasons may change, but the heart remembers. and God brings comfort and love.


Annika said...

I'm crying like mad reading your post!
What a beautiful card, perfect in every detail and that sentiment - now I'm crying again!!!
Thank you, Jennifer, for feedinf my eyes AND my soul!
I'm wishing all the best to your boys, may their road be a happy one. Not smooth because it's too easy to lose perspective then, but full of excitement, discoveries and most importantly - love!

Angie said...

Oh, you made me cry reading this, Congrats to your son, Mick! I wish him much success down the road! Your card is so beautiful and I feel for ya, I will be a basket case when my 2 get that age, oh how times will change!! Hugs to you!

Jane Wetzel said...

gorgeous card Jennifer- wow- that image is breath-taking..gotta get over to that shop! thanks for sharing! :)

wordbird said...

Ahhh...Jen...I can see the love that went into this card. This is a lovely, lovely card. You colored this image just as it needed to be colored. It's dreamy and wistful...beautiful card made by a sweet lady with a beautiful heart...YOU! {{{{ Hugs!}}}
;D Diana q

Tammy Miller said...

Jennifer, I am a mother of a 19 year old dtr who was at this point in my life a year ago. I would just like to say to you that it does get easier, I promise. My dtr has now completed 1 year of college and we are both stronger for it. It is very hard in the beginning I will admit but please know it does get easier and they do come home and you will cherish those precious moments when they come. You are in my thoughts and prayers as you and your son make this giant leap but chin up b/c it will all work out!