Monday, March 22, 2010

Voting open for 50/50 Group....

Coffee of the Day - Vanilla Biscotti

Hello everyone! I hope you are having a grand and glorious day! I awoke to rain, but with a hubby beside me playing "Pickle in the Middle" to Latte on the other side and Mocha at my feet. can't get any better than that! Dave laughs that our bed is like the one on "Willy Wonka" except with big labbers instead! I wouldn't have it any other way! I love my big doggies! :) oh yes, and hubby, too! giggles!

Feeling better, bit by bit. horray! crafted a bit yesterday. it is taking me FOR-EV-ER to get anything accomplished, but the important thing is that I am getting it done.

Wanted to let you know that the voting is up for the 'Special 50/50' group I told you about the other day. (see below post). because we crafters really like to know that other people like our work, I am going to ask you to wander over to the challenge blog and take a looksie at ALL of the neat projects that are entered. if you feel inspired to vote for someone's, then please do. if you would like to vote for me, then I would most certainly appreciate it. but only if you REALLY want to. I know I am not the greatest crafter out there. I just do this because I really like playing with paper and ribbon and buttons and getting inky and ribbon and buttons and Primas and shimmerz and ribbon and well, you get the idea! :D

So may the sun be shining on your corner of the world, even if only in your heart! :)
see you later, gator! Jennifer


Payne Holler Cards said...

just popped over! you got MY vote!! your card was the best!

Vicki said...

Hello Jen! It is sure good to know you are getting by day hon! I will be on my way to check out the 50/50! Have a great day and take care of YOU!