Saturday, November 28, 2009

Finding Vintage in your Garage.....

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Good morning to everyone! hope today finds you well - well rested, well fed, and well loved! I find myself needing to create something vintage today, and show you some as well. Gettin' back to the heart of my creative soul, I guess you could say. I just find that at times I really need to refresh and renew with something OLD. weird, isn't it? but then, that is me - weird! but I guess we need to embrace who we are and just go with it. It really helps me to get back on track with the other stamping and crafting that I need to do.

This is a card I made for a call-out at PaperCrafts magazine - use your garage for your inspiration. Obviously the card wasn't accepted, so I can post it here, but I do like the way it turned out. on a side note, I have decided to stop submitting things for publication. nothing is getting accepted - my style is just not what anyone wants. now this is NOT the advice I would give to anyone else, mind you. just what I am doing for me. I have accepted the fact that I will be a 'one hit wonder' - only being published once, but that is more than I ever dreamed of, so I am happy with that. I am just so weary of the rejection. Anyhow, no more depressing stuff, back to the card.

I copied an engine manual I found in the garage and distressed it. I also took 4 little washer type things and used those in the corners. The stamp is one from River City Rubber Works. Once the watercoloring was done, I stamped the Sanded bg stamp over the top to add to the distressed look. Paper is Flair Designs. added the stamped ticket, trim, and vintage buttons to complete the card. finished size is 5 1/2" x 5 1/2".

everyone have a wonderful day! enjoy this beautiful weekend with your friends and family! love ya!


Scrubbybubbles(sue) said... FUN! My dad would just LOVE this! your always so good with vintage jennifer. It really sets your style apart and makes it special. :)

Gina said...

Wow Jennifer, that is great. I love those little washers. I always look to you for my vintage inspiration!

melissac said...

I love your work!! You may not be making it into magazines but you are definitely inspiring me. Not to mention enabling me locate and buy lots of new fun digi images. The magazines just don't know what they are missing when they pass up your style!!

Blessings and Hugs!!

Cindy said...

Very cool card. I love the look and that you used something that you found in the garage. Very creative. I would love to submit for publication but I barely have time to make the card necessary for my friends and family so maybe one day I can do that. Your cards are great but I'm sure the companies receive so many that so many great works of art gets lost in the crowd. Hang in there and keep creating your beautiful work for us to see. :)

Happycrafter said...

I think it's a great card, and in terms of style, my philosophy is that fads and things that are popular come and go, and everyone is going to like something different, so I always try to make something I like, not what is necessarily popular :-)

Anne said...

What a beautiful, stylish card!

I rarely buy magazines any more, they are behind the times and I get my inspiration from blogs like yours

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

hey sweetie! i think it's gorgeous and i definitely would have "accepted" it. but then, i've never been published. one of my goals for 2010! ya just never know. but this is stunning.