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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Car Shopping

Coffee of the Day - Pumpkin Spice (no, I never really get tired of it! tee hee!)

So I've been a wee bit on the absentee side lately.... sorry about that. we are still trying to hunt down a replacement vehicle, and good golly gosh, it is quite the adventure! Dave and I have spent several days driving all over kingdom come looking at so many types of SUV, with various forms of wear and tear. but we sure do have fun together! :)

still no closer to finding 'the right one' just yet, but I am sure it is right around the corner.

because of where we live and Dave's work needs, it's necessary for us to have a 4 wheel drive vehicle. we just get too much snow for so much of the year to try to get around in anything else. and it has to be able to haul a LOT of stuff for Camp. so that narrows down the field of potential cars quite a bit. but as I said before, we are having fun in our quest together. my hubby is pretty fabulous, and I so love to spend time with him!

have a project to share with you tomorrow, so I do hope you'll pop back by for that. I do promise to get around to all of your blogs once we get this 'new to us' vehicle purchase settled. by the time we get back home in the evenings, I am one whopped puppy!

hugs to all of you! :)


KT Fit Kitty said...

Glad you're enjoying it and hope you find something great!

Bad Kitty said...

hope you will sind right car very soon.

Golden Goddess Designs said...

car shopping can be NOT fun when it is a have to...I hope the right one comes along soon!


Creations by Shirl said...

I hope you find something that you both like.... And when you do please share that pretty photo of it....LOL!