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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Some Great Videos for Light-source!

Coffee of the Day - Creme Brulee

I know I've been away from my blog for ages, but my scanner finally kicked that ol' bucket. I can't get any others to work the way I need them to, so no more photos from me until I can get a light tent for my camera. it might be a while, so y'all bear with me.

sadly, I had to leave 2 new Design Teams before I really even got started with them since I won't have a way to upload pix. insert major sad face here..... :(

until I can get something else worked out, I'm working on Project Life and classes at Kit and Clowder. if you have taken any of the K&C classes, you know that they all begin with light-source. man oh man, that one was giving me the biggest fits! I couldn't for the life of me get my head wrapped around the terms.

thankfully a new friend in the K&C Facebook group shared some videos with me. voila! the light bulb went off.... ha ha ha! pardon the pun, but these truly did make a ton of difference! I want to share the first one here with you, and then link to several others in hopes that they might help you as well.

Foundations of Light and Shadow Part 1 - Planes

disclaimer - these in NO WAY take the place of Alyce's class. they only helped me to have a better understanding of what she was talking about. it's kinda like looking things up in the dictionary or encyclopedia. you still need to take her class. she is a whiz bang mastermind with Copics!!!!!

Foundations of Light and Shadow Part 2 - Terminator

Foundations of Light and Shadow Part 3 - Reflected Light

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