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Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Coffee of the Day - Toasted Coconut

Lots has been happening in the past few days, but this will be a brief post.

To start, I have left all of my DTs and will be leaving crafting as well, at least for a while. I'm really not going to get into it all, but need the break. need to reclaim some joy, do some self examination, and just get away from some negative stuff for a while. it's been a very humbling past 2 months or so.

more importantly, right now Mocha is very, very ill. have spent the past 36 hours in constant care of her. thankfully she is doing a bit better today, eating a small portion and drinking some water. she might be 12, which I know is old for a Lab, but it isn't long enough. we need forever.

I'm sure I'll still be posting here on my blog. for now I need to get back to my dog. they have never left my side through my entire cancer battle. no way in the world I am leaving hers now.

my love to all of you!


Sandra van Blaricum said...

Aw, hugs to you and Mocha!!
I hope he feels better soon!
Will miss your beautiful projects, but I hope the joy of crafting will return!!
And i hope you will blog now and then!

Golden Goddess Designs said...

so sorry to hear about your dog! best wishes and see you around soon! (I hope)! thanks again for my candy!

Penny said...

Sending hugs to you and Mocha, Penny

Dot said...

Sending you a lot of hugs, Jen.
Dorte xx

Renee Butchart said...

Hugs to you & Mocha has been over 2 years since we lost our beautiful Morgan & I still miss here every day! Bill can't bring himself to wash the inside of his truck windshield because her nose prints are all over it. They love us so unconditionally!
Hugs, Renee

Mary Friederichsen said...

Oh Jen I hope Mocha pulls through this and and is back to herself very soon!
I am also so sorry that you have been treated the way you have been lately in the crafting world! We as women should know better! We all should be lifting each other up not tearing each other down. You do not need to doubt your work! There are many more who support you than the other,so try to focus on them!
Sending you prayers for courage, strength and peace as you navigate this difficult time!
Sending you a hug!

Stef H said...

i will look forward to your blog posts and know you are always in my prayers. change is good.

hugs :)

Verna Angerhofer said...

Take care of Mocha and most important, take the time to care for yourself! God bless!

Kimberly Clark said...

Sending hugs to you and mocha!! Always have sparkle in your life!