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Friday, April 18, 2014

Blog Candy Winner and Easter Weekend

Coffee of the Day - Hazelnut

I still haven't heard back from the winner of the Lots of Love for Lauryn blog candy  -
8. Verna Angerhofer  
  if I still haven't heard from her by Sunday, I will choose another winner.

it's Good Friday. a day filled with the emotional ups and downs of our faith. so glad the hope of Sunday is coming. my prayers are with the Jewish people of the Ukraine right now. how terrifying that something like this is taking place in this day and age.

edit - just heard from Verna, so blog candy is claimed. makes me wonder just how much of my email I never receive or of what I send, never makes it to its destination. hmmmmm..... those rascally yahoo email gremlins!

I am going to be away the rest of the weekend spending time with my family. I feel absolutely horrible right now - guess  my food shopping adventure on Thurs took much more out of me than I originally thought. I want to try to give as much time and energy to my family since everyone will be here for Sunday. Ryan came home last night and Tyler arrives today. Mick comes Sunday since he still has to work.

no crafting, as I just don't have the energy. I really really want to stay out of bed if I possibly can. so the computer is going off for the next few days. whatever I have to give goes straight to my guys. they are the reason my heart keeps beating.

love to all of you! my prayers for a most beautiful and blessed Easter for each of you! :)


Verna Angerhofer said...

I did email you but apparently you never got it. I will try to reach you again.

Jennifer Scull said...

thanks, Verna!
make sure you take the spaces out of the email address that is posted.... I do that to help keep the spammers at bay....

glad you will be getting this! :)

Verna Angerhofer said...

Thanks for the good advice, too. I usually don't put any info like that in a comment section if I can help it. And a blessed Easter to you.