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Thursday, March 6, 2014

A Sad Ending to What Was a Happy Story....

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well I was so very excited a while back when I heard the news that a card of mine was going to be published in Quick Cards Made Easy magazine. imagine my disappointment when I actually received a copy of the magazine and my card is no where to be found.

instead, the magazine has taken the colored image from my card and published that next to the name of the store. no mention at all of me, my card, my blog, or where the colored image came from.

in my opinion, that is bad form. I didn't know this card/image was being sent to Quick Cards until after it had already happened. the store owner is the one who sent it in, digitally. and that is not who I am upset with.

I know I am not a fabulous crafter. I accept who I am and what I do. but gosh, I do take pride in what I make. and for a magazine to just remove a colored image and publish it with no credit being given makes me question their integrity. I did not give my permission for any of this.

yes, I am hurt. and I am saddened. whatever happened to 'play nice'?

crafters - not only do you need to watermark your projects, but you need to watermark over the colored images. you have to protect yourself. no one else is going to do it for you. the saddest part of all of this is that you can't trust the people you thought you could. and that just breaks my heart. it shouldn't be this way.


Sandra van Blaricum said...

this is too bad Jennifer!!
But I think you're a fabulous crafter!! Don't underestimate yourself.Maybe contact the store owner about this...

Sammy said...

Frankly, this is all kinds of wrong! If I were you I would contact them to ask for an explanation, as they really should credit you for your work! x

Beth Fairweather said...

Oh no! That's horrible, you should definitely contact them and let them know, you deserve recognition for your creation! I know how you feel, I used to be a free lance writer and my first piece got published under the name "Edith" not Elizabeth!" I freaked out! I did write to the magazine but they never printed a retraction, felt (and still feel) very robbed! I hope this gets worked out in your favor, keep us all posted! Hugs!

Elizabeth Hart said...

Hi Jennifer - one of their sister magazines screwed up a 2-page spread for a company I did recently - I was acknowledged correctly but one designer was omitted and someone else's name in her place and then they messed up the actual image designers. I do not think they utilize good editorial review. Once when I had a 2 -page spread in Take Ten they acknowledged it to someone else. I was so upset. Again - they rush these magazines out and make too many mistakes. Hang in there

soccermom23 said...

It's such a shame that this has happened to you. Your work is great and you deserve the credit for what you do. I hope that you can get closure on this.

Lucy Patrick said...

That is so awful Jennifer, I'm sorry that happened to you. You are a lovely and talented crafter so maybe you had an embellishment on the card they didn't want to advertise or something? We all follow you because we love your creations so don't feel it was personal, just bad editing. XOX Lucy

Ardilla said...

I am sorry for this. You have to contact them and tell them that they don't have your permission to do that.
Jenn, you are a great crafter and you deserve to be respected.
Ardilla :)

Darnell J Knauss said...

Well said, Jennifer. I'm sorry this happy event was marred in this way. I do have to say that obviously you are underestimating yourself here! They did feel it was worthy of publication, just in a way that was really bad form! I would send them a written email or letter demanding recognition in their next issue. The worst that happens is they say no, but you'll feel better for having told them how much they hurt you and for trying to make them do the right thing. And, importantly, maybe saying something will help prevent the next artist from being screwed and that will make you feel better. Hugs, Darnell

Karen said...

First.. you're a wonderful crafter..

Second.. I'm sending gentle hugs your way.

Third.. write to them and ask that they give credit to you with your coloured image in the next publication.

Fourth.. Don't let this take away any pleasure in your crafting please..

Love seeing what you create hun.. I'm sure we all do.. so keep at it and keep smiling..

Love n hugs,

Sharla said...

Hi Jennifer...I'm sorry this happened, I can understand your excitement and then the disappointment. I think you are a wonderful crafter and hopefully you continue to create and submit for publication....don't let one bad experience keep you from trying. Thanks for the tip on watermarking not only the card but the colored image too....sending hugs :)

Jennifer said...

oh my! that is awful Jennifer, I'm so sorry that happened to you :(