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Friday, December 20, 2013

My Thoughts on the Entire Duck Dynasty Article/Issue....

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my thoughts in light of the entire Duck Dynasty article/issue~
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one day I will stand in front of God and have to answer many questions about how I lived my life. one of these, I'm sure, will be "did you love my people?" how will I be able to look Him in the eyes and say, "well, I chose to love only certain ones, God. some had different opinions than I did, some looked different than I did, some well, they just weren't really that clean or smelled kinda funky, so they weren't all that easy to love. and gosh, God, some just weren't very nice. some were down right mean to me."

and I have a feeling God will shake his head in sadness and reply to me, "and what about those times when you were mean and outspoken and said things in anger you didn't really intend to come out the way they did? or that time back in the 80's (and 90's) when you were just kind of a pain and thought you knew everything, but in fact still had a lot to learn about kindness? how lovable were you then? and didn't someone still wipe your brow and soothe your soul and tell you how beautiful you were?"

and He will remind me of the people who dropped off food at our back door when David didn't have a job or sent cards or texts when I was going through chemo or built a front porch as I went through more treatments for my cancer or the outpouring of cards when Tyler was hit by a car or the multitudes of other blessings that happen each and every day.

He will let me know that no matter what my sin, I was loved always and there were people who let me know.
so by following in HIS footsteps, I have to pass along that same love to others - regardless of their life choices. I am to love others unconditionally. understand that I am not asked to love the sin, but instead to love the sinner, for that is what each and every one of us is. we are all on a journey and can only do this with the help of one another and God's grace.

I am not the judge. I do not sit in judgement upon anyone. I can't. it's not my job. I am only called to love my neighbor. and I am working on it. it's not easy. it's one of the hardest commandments in the Bible. but it's worth it. we have to help each other out, not push each other down. that is what it means to be a follower of Christ, in my opinion.

I'm not here to debate the Bible - just stating my thoughts and opinions. each of us is entitled to our own. I'm weary of the hate and mud slinging from both sides. A & E has a right to suspend whomever they want as far as I am concerned. it's their network, they can do what they want. The Robertsons can say what they want when they are away from the series. they have that right as well. I just don't necessarily agree with them.


Ann Marie said...

Oh my gosh your last paragraph is EXACTLY how I feel! I am a Catholic and do not force MY beliefs on anyone. While I don't like reality tv (I AM LOOKING TO BE TAKEN AWAY FROM REALITY when I watch tv) I do agree that reality tv stars can state their opinion I fully agree that it is completely up to their networks and sponsors to react as they deem fit. It isn't about who's religion is better or who says what!

Cec said...

Beautifully written!

Cindy Groh said...

Wonderful post today. I just loved reading it. I don't watch television so I don't know what you're talking about with opinions and networks but I do love this post. It's eye opening to me without knowing the reason you wrote it.

CreatewithTlc said...

What a wonderful reminder during this season. The season of love.

Renee Butchart said...

You have such a way with words Jennifer...beautifully written!
Hugs, Renee

ThePurplePlace said...

Jennifer --- Your post states exactly how I'm sure most of us feel. It's so well written and comes from your heart!!

Bless you and thank YOU for sharing!!


Shelly Schmidt said...

Dropped by to say hi and wish you a Merry Christmas!
Beautifully written- I agree- we are not the judge- God is- and can love a person and do not have to agree or disagree on the lifesytle. Yep- it is a hard commandment to live by! I do not watch too much reality TV, but I really feel bad when those who try to live by their religion are shot down by others so publicly. I think there are other issues that are so much newsworthy- like people who have no jobs needing Christmas items or food- or Vets or elderly that could use some friendship or help shopping or something like that- lets spread some Christmas LOVE!
Bless You!

ImagiMeri said...

Well Jennifer, I'm pretty sure I need to get to know you. Thank you for signing up to follow me, I've done the same. Today is my beloved hubby's birthday and I was going to do a post about the 54 things I love most about him, but having just read your post, well, I'm going to spotlight you in honor of my hubby. Personally, I really don't care much for any of the reality TV shows, but that's not what your post is about. Your post is about love, forgiveness and tolerance which are the foundation of my relationship with my love. I think it all ties in nicely, so if you'll allow me, I'm sending folks to your blog for Christmas.

God Bless and warmest best wishes for your holiday season.


Angelsdoor * Penny said...

So nice to meet you Jennifer.
Life would be in such harmony, if we would love one another.. What a beautiful post..
blessings to you,

Nan said...

Nice to stop in for the first time and read this. I have no TV by choice so I actually miss out on all this stuff until it hits the net then I pick up on it but can avoid it if I want. I think if we all just avoided this maybe it would die a quiet death unstead of getting dragged on and on. I came by way of Meri very pleasant to view your blog.

Bobby said...

Merry Christmas!