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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Coffee of the Day - Cinnamon Hazelnut

 Happy Cinco de Mayo to all of you! yes, we recognize this day and celebrate it big at our house! :)  Tyler even made it a point to come home smack dab in the midst of finals so he could be here for our big fiesta. we may live in Ohio, but we are still Texans at heart!

I found this very interesting article that tells a bit about the history of this day. of course, David would tell me that you can't put "interesting" and "history" together in the same sentence, but I was a history minor in school, so I find it quite fascinating!

For some of the most amazing recipes and television cooking shows, click here to be taken to the website for Rick Bayless & his restaurant in Chicago, Frontera. Our entire family will sit around the t.v. mesmerized by his cooking program and the bit of culture he adds to each one. would LOVE to be invited to eat at his table some day! you can find a few of his food items at your local grocery store or World Market stores.


Penny said...

Happy Cinco de Mayo to you, too! :^)
Hugs, Penny

Stef H said...

sounds like your day is a blast! at least you didn't throw the MAYO in the SINK. get it... sink-o- de mayo!!!!

hugs :)