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Friday, January 4, 2013

Well I've Told All of You I'm Weird.....

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If any of you have been around my blog for a while, you know I tend to run on well, let's just say, the wacky side of life most days. ;)

For the past few weeks I've had what I thought was a bizarre case of poison ivy. I am one of those strange people who is so allergic to the stuff that I don't even have to touch the plant in order to have a reaction that can knock me out for weeks. I just have to walk by a plant, even if its dormant and I become infected. yep, it's nasty for me, especially since I love to be around nature so much.

After a visit to my dr. today,  I have discovered that not only do I NOT have poison ivy, but I instead have a rather serious case of radiation poisoning. immediate treatment with heavy antibiotics was called for. hooray.....I tell ya, I am turning mutant on us! haven't you heard me mention this before?! yep, it's happening.....I'll be talking to those ants before we know it.

I have the absolute nicest dr. in the whole wide world. he is my gp dr., not my oncologist (who is also nice!), and he was having the hardest time today giving me the news. he took the news of my cancer so rough, and I guess this is pretty heavy duty, too, for it to have reached this point.

then hubby & I were picking up the antibiotics a little while later and came to discover that this particular one is something I just might have an allergic reaction to. the pharmacist told us all of the things to watch for in the event of a reaction because of a specific allergy I have and my problems since having cancer. she said to be prepared at a moment's notice to head to the ER.  poor Dave just looked at me with the saddest expression on his face and said, "are we really ready for this adventure tonight?"  I feel horrible for all that I've put my family through.

So suffice it to say, there's never a dull moment around here! ;)  if any more teeth of mine fall out, I'll be eating baby food soon. yikes! my hair and eyebrows have taken to falling out again, too. I look quite the picture, I tell ya!

well hopefully I'll be feeling okay to craft after all is said and done. gotta keep looking for the sunshine! :

p.s. all blog candies have been mailed out as of yesterday. please let me know if you are a winner and don't receive yours in a reasonable amount of time.
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PeggyR said...

Oh my goodness, takke care of yourself. It's kind of like my husband, if it's going to happen it will happen to him...

Cec said...

Wow, if I thought bubble wrap would protect you, I would be there will a gynormous roll. I sure hope the antibiotic doesn't cause a reaction.

Norma Gomez said...

First off, let me say that the wacky side of life is the best place to be :D I hope things brighten up for you soon! I'm sending my BEST healing, happy and blessing vibes your way!! BIG GIANT HUGS :D

Rhonda Miller said...

Oh Jen. I'm sorry to hear about all of this. I can't imagine. I don't know how you are able to stay so positive. I'm praying this will go away soon and that you wont have any trouble with the antibiotics.

Kim Hecker said...

Hang in there Jennifer <3 I'm thinking and praying for you. Keep up the good spirits sweetie. Big hugs to you <3-Kim

Pam said...


Bless your heart, you just never get a break. :( Please know that you are constantly in my prayers and I hope that the trip to the ER will not be needed for all of your sakes! {{{{{Big Hugs}}}}}


Renee said...

Wow Jen, you just can't seem to get a break can you? I don't know how you keep so chipper about it all! Please, please don't have a reaction to the drugs!!!
Hugs to you my friend,

Anita said...

Ok, I have to laugh since this sounds like me right now. I broke the base of my leg bone and it has healed and now the tendons in the foot are messed up so still have to be off it. This is on top of having to go to a extremely basic diet to see if it helps with my health issues. My hubby would have the same reaction. I bet between us we could start our own pharmacy with meds we can't take because we have the 1 billion reaction that no one else has. Just enjoy a cup of coffee for me since that is not on list of foods allowed. Hugs! Praying for you and your family!

Joan Bardee said...

Oh Jennifer. I'm so sorry that you go from one very very difficult moment to the next. I am so glad that you are supported by a loving family. hugs

Lisa M said...

I'm virtually hugging you ( you ) right now. ;)
Always in my thoughts.
Lisa xx

Cath said...

If it isn't one thing, it's a dozen. Oh Jenn, I'm starting to think that Cec's bubble wrap might be just thing. Sure wish it were that easy, anyway.

Thinking of you, as always,

Līva Kalniņa said...

You truly amaze me - you're definitely one of the most brave and positive people on earth! I hope for thing to get better for you real soon!

Cheryl said...

Hi Jennifer,

I'm sorry to hear about your reaction to your treatment. Take care of yourself.



Penny said...

Jennifer, Jennifer, Jennifer. What the heck can I say? I am so amazed at the grace with which you handle all of your "stuff"! You are one courageous spirit, and I am so glad that I have gotten to know you through card-making. You set an example for all of us.
Like I have said before--hang in there, Kiddo!
Sending you love & hugs, Penny

ThePurplePlace said...

Hi Jenn,
Special thanks to you for again being such a sweetheart and for taking time to let me know you care and that you are saying prayers for my Mom.

My prayers will continue to be there for YOU too...and I hope that there is some happy news for ALL soon!!

Thank you with Big Hugs,

Holly Young said...

Hugs, Jen!! I have been thinking of you and praying for you, but haven't seen you since you left (and I left) PTT,,,,,so I decided to stop by and say hello! Hugs to you,,,,,take care!

Judy said...

Oh bless your may be wacky, but you are also one tough cookie. You are so inspirational. You may not always have good news, but you have such an elegant and creative way of explaining things, so that others can see what's really important. Prayers your way for a speedy recovery from this allergenic thing. Give your "Mr Perfect DH" a big hug. He sounds like the bestest.