Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy 2013!

Coffee of the Day - Eggnog

Today is a new day, filled to the brim with blessings in abundance. Do you feel the joy unfolding before you? Do you sense the excitement of a new, grand adventure just outside your door? Can you tell that God has more in store for you than your most wild imagination could possibly fathom, and it is all designed with your best in mind because He loves you so much??!!!?!

This is what EVERY day brings, not just a new year. how often we tend to lose sight of this. we need to remember that our mercies are new every single morning. every single day is a fresh start - a clean slate.

I'm ready to begin...... are you? will you travel these roads with me? who knows what lies ahead, but then again, I'm wearing my brave boots! ;) bring it on! with a friend by my side and God's wings to protect us, let's remember to LIVE this life, not just coast through. we need to laugh more, love more, and be people of integrity who spread kindness. Kindness IS a choice, and I choose to not let the ick that comes along make me miserable. it's just not worth it. Giggles are just so much more fun!

I have spent several days trying to decide what my 'word' is going to be for this year, and I think I have finally decided upon "integrity". If I don't have integrity, the words I say or write mean nothing. if the life I live and the things I do don't match up to what you hear, then I am worthless. lukewarm. if who I am isn't pleasing to God, then none of it matters. thank goodness for His grace and that He loves me where I am, but wants to help me get to a better place. It can't be an act I put on, but MUST be genuine. and I know that it won't be easy. for nothing that is worth gaining ever is........

my love to all of you for a year, no, a lifetime that overflows with blessings. may you know that you are loved, truly. Jennifer


Jerusha Borden said...

Jennifer, my friend, these are amazing words. I hope that 2013 brings you health and wellness! xoxo

Carissa said...

Happy New Year! I hope that 2013 will bring you health and happiness.
Hugs, Carissa

Penny said...

Such a beautiful post, Jennifer! I wish for you a fantabulous 2013, full of integrity and good health! :^)
Hugs, Penny

Leslie Turner said...

You are such an inspiration... not just your work, but your voice. I'm so happy to have found your blog! You rock and I wish you the absolute best 2013!
Big hugs,

thinker said...

integrity is such a good word... blessings to you as you keep wearing your brave boots. I think I need a pair ;-)

ursula Uphof said...

Thank you for all the inspiration in your beautiful words...integrity, a word that is so lacking in the world.
I wish you a wonderful 2013 and may your brave boots keep you walking into better times. hugs Ursula