Sunday, December 2, 2012

Post your thoughts on seasonal blog candy....

Coffee of the Day - Pumpkin Spice

Happy Sunday! I woke up this morning, came downstairs, looked out  my front window, and there was my little baby squirrel friend sitting on the front porch rafters eating some of the peanuts that we have been setting out for him. gosh, what a most amazing way to begin my day! :) he just makes me smile so big every time I see him out there! yep, it's pretty goofy, but I love it anyway!

when Tyler was home over Thanksgiving, I asked him to run to the store and grab just a little bag of peanuts so I could leave a small treat for our squirrel friend. well Tyler being the guy he is grabbed a big bottle of fancy peanuts and said, "Hey, it's Thanksgiving. he deserves a special treat, too!" So they guys all help me to make sure the rafter stays stocked with peanuts. The birds enjoy them as well. I can't reach up there - it is much too high for me and you certainly don't want me standing on a chair or stool these days. lawsie, I can't even stand on my own 2 feet without tipping over like a cow, much let put me on something a foot or two off the ground. tee hee!

then I was taking the dogs out the back door a bit later this morning and the bushes & little portico that cover our porch were FULL of birds. I felt like a Disney Princess with all of them flying around my head! isn't nature and each precious creation God put there just such a delight? oh how He can speak to me through the sound of a bird's wing or call..... how I can see His love for all of us as I watch how He cares for even a little baby squirrel.....

so anyhow, on to the purpose of my posting today -
I have been going through all of my old crafting supplies these past 2 weeks. will be doing it through the end of the month I would imagine as I start feeling a wee bit better every day and try to prepare to re-enter the crafting world again at the start of the new world. I am finding so many craft supplies that I had  purchased but never used.

here is where I need your thoughts and opinions. I am not much for selling my stuff. I'll probably end up selling a few of my old SU! sets, but otherwise I am more of a 'giving away' or 'passing it forward' kind of person. I've never had a garage sale and probably never will. what I am finding is that I have enough craft supplies to qualify for some seasonal blog candy giveaways if y'all would be interested. almost everything would be brand new, and would be sorted into separate categories like Valentine (like I mentioned in the other post), Fall/Halloween, Summer, and Spring/Easter. they will all contain papers, stamps, and embellies with a value of at least $25.

post what you think in the comments section. I would put these up as soon as the current candies finish and have the new giveaways end this month so everyone could get their stuff soon.

Love to all of you! Jennifer

editing to add - I have a TON of craft supplies that I am donating to my local library as well as to some of the local schools. thanks for the suggestion about the senior center, too. I'll give them a call and see if they would like some of these. :)


Crafty Kitten said...

Hi Jen,
How y'all doing hunni. I'm sorry I haven't been round in a while! :( Me bad blogger!
Anyway, what a lovely idea to do seasonal candies on your blog hun. I'm doing something similar although not seasonal ones, just trying to do one or two a month as like you I'm not much for selling more for passing on. I think it's a fab idea sweetie and if it gives you more room to play then so much the better.
Take care hunni and have a good Christmas season!
Dawn xx

Joan Bardee said...

You are so sweet to be thinking of spending one second of your time giving away to others. Oh my, I just am amazed at your selflessness. I think you should do what makes you happy! You deserve it.

Susie said...

Senior Centers often take donations like these for their craft activities. Sure hope you are well enough to enjoy Christmas.

Elizabeth Hart said...

Always love hearing about your nature sightings and I am sure that little squirrel is so happy now with his expensive dinner of those nut - lol. Glad to hear that you are thinking forward to crafting again!!

Judy said...

Hey Sweetie, I so so love to read your post about things such as feeding your little friend. My suggestion for the new crafts that you find in your heart to give away is to organizations that give to families that just can't quite make Christmas happen this year. That may be through local Churches. I know there's toys for tots, but I'm sure there are one for adults or families as a whole. Lots and lots of prayers for you, and thank you for the inspiring and heart felt stories...I just love them.


Carissa said...

Glad to hear that you are feeling a bit better. Love the idea of paying it forward and however you choose to do it is wonderful.
Hugs, Carissa

Jennifer said...

Jen, I love that you want to share the things you no longer need/want. I'm just like you. My husband loves to have garage sales, but then I end up giving away most things when he's not looking! hehehe One idea I have is if you have any other things left over, dayhomes love crafty things. Dayhomes often don't have the money to buy craft items like Daycares do. Just a suggestion.

Rhonda Miller said...

These all sound like great ideas.

Penny said...

Ah, all the little creatures know what a sweet spirit you have, Jennifer--that's why they are so drawn to you! :^) We are all happy to hear you are feeling well enough to go outside now. And that you are looking forward to crafting again. :^)
Whatever you decide to do with your craft supplies will be the right thing to do. What makes you happy? Do that! :^)
Love and hugs, Penny