Sunday, December 16, 2012

God is Still Good...

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Before you read any further, remember that God is still and always will be good. He does not change because terrible things happen in this world in which we live. His nature is ALWAYS one of love. He can turn horrible circumstances into those which shine brighter, although in our human-ness we can not possibly comprehend how or why.  People mess up all the time, but He does not.

On Friday my family and I had gone to see one of the first showings of 'The Hobbit.' As we were still in the theatre, but walking toward the exit, Ryan turned on his phone. A text message from his girlfriend appeared telling of the toll of the Connecticut school shootings. We were already aware the shootings had taken place, just none of the details. I stopped before we had even reached the theatre doors and broke down crying. David was telling me to move - that I was blocking people from leaving. I couldn't even move. As word reached back to others, everyone was simply stunned. We gradually made our way out into the lobby and began talking. The boys were calling people to find out details. We knew then and there that we had to pray.  People were calling on God in the lobby.

In my front yard still stands a sign that reads, 'We will never forget.' It hasn't even been a full year since the shootings at our high school here in Chardon. Families here in our small village will be having Christmas without their children for the first time, too. It's hard to describe what it is like to see yet another community hit by a tragedy of this sort. Counselors are already gathering to bring comfort to people here as wounds we thought were healing are torn open once again. Students who just a few months ago were seniors at our high school, (like my son) and now are home from college break are re-living all of the memories again of an armed gunman walking school halls.

But God's arms are big enough to hold the families of precious tender kindergarten souls, the families of a respected Principal, the families of high school students just blooming into adulthood. He can hold onto each one of us as we try to understand the senseless tragedy and know our head's can never wrap around the horror. He is pure love and peace and light in a world that is sometimes dark. Cry if you need to. Scream and rant if you need to. God can take it. But then rest in His arms of love and find His peace. Listen as He tells you to "..........."

You are truly, deeply loved! :)


Lisa M said...

You've written this more poignantly than I could have ever hoped to read. This post should be read by all!
Thank you...

Shelly Schmidt said...

It is a horrific tragedy and we just got to the point where we could not watch or listen to any of the details. My daughter is teaching in China- there was a similar event there Friday- except the gentleman used a knife- as guns are outlawed there- it is a world wide epidemic I think- we need more mental health services..... Anyway, I have not stopped by for a while- just wanted to say thinking of you and keeping you in prayers!

Renee said...

Jen, I agree with Lisa, you have such a beautiful way with words. I can't imagine what these poor parents are going through!
Hugs, Renee

Suzie McFloozy said...

Your courage and faith, as ever, give strength to us all - thank you friend x
My heart and my prayers go out to all the families suffering tonight x
((hugs)) Suzie xoxo

ThePurplePlace said...

Your words are very touching....I thought of you right away because I knew that your son, went to High School in Chardon and I remember worrying about you back at that time and wondering if that school was near you. I also remember the relief I felt, when you told me that you son, had been home that day. I also remember that he had been home from school that day and did not have to see that awful tragedy unfold.

Even so, just knowing those who have been horrified by these awful shootings is very heart breaks for all the families and for these young sweet babies who were taken far too young. It's so awful to imagine the pain and grief of their families and also the fear those were there experienced. The heroism of the teachers is wonderful, and I am so thankful that there are so many caring people in this world... .

I pray for those who now must begin to heal and hope they find the strength to get through this and find comfort and love from their family and friends. I also cried when I heard this news and continue to pray, it will NEVER ever ever happen again...

teepee said...

Jennifer: Thank you for your words for an un-believably sad time. May God richly bless you and your family with many, many of His surprises during this great season. My prayers are with you.

Cath said...

I thought of you when I first heard the news of the shootings in Newtown. I'm sorry that you are all having to relive such a tragic time in your lives through this additional atrocity. You all were dealing with enough before this happened. My heart goes out to you as you all work to heal.

On a lighter note, it was just after that that we became friends, Jennifer. You had won a prize in the Moxie Fab World and we started emailing back and forth. I am so glad that I know you as well as I do and that we are more than just occasional "commenters" on one another's blogs. For that I am very grateful.

Take care, my friend.

Penny said...

You said it all so beautifully, Jennifer. Thank you!
Love & hugs, Penny

Tracy said...

Amen and amen my friend. This world turns away from God so often I just pray that like your community, the people of Newtown will turn TO Him cause, yes, He loves us truly and deeply. Hugs!

Pam said...


You stated it so perfectly, with all the evil and horror in the world, it is such a comfort to know that our Lord is always there and always will be. My heart breaks for everyone that tragedy has touched their lives in whatever way and hope that during this holiday season that peace will prevail for all. Thinking about you and yours daily and always in my prayers!