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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Jen's Sunshine Blog Hop News! :)

Coffee of the Day - White Chocolate Mousse

Hello to everyone! Thank you so VERY much for your wonderful words of encouragement yesterday. it really touched me heart the way so many of you reached out to me during my moaning and sadness. I can't even begin to tell you how much it helped lift my spirits. :) I try so hard to find the 'happy' each day, but gosh, yesterday I just couldn't. the joy was gone, but all of you brought it back to me. am I ever blessed!!!!

I want to share some most amazing news with you about the upcoming blog hop. As I've been telling you for the past few days, the Jen's Sunshine Blog Hop is on Wed., Aug. 29. that happens to be the day before Dave & I's 26th anniversary, so we both thought that was pretty special! So many people have been working so hard behind the scenes to make this blog hop a big success. I really do appreciate every single person who has done so much to help. :)

Several people have sent prizes directly to me so that I may offer them to those who comment on my blog that day. I just today received an email from Jane Beljo of Jane's Doodles. You will not believe what she is doing - she is going to give away her ENTIRE digi collection to one winner here on my blog! shut the door! can you believe that?! how completely fab is THAT?!?! and that is just one of the prizes I am giving away...... I have at least 3 more on top of that..... and then there are prizes galore throughout the hop.......


sheesh oh pete, folks! you have so got to be a part of this somehow, some way! if you want to actually be a blog stop, get in touch with Jenn C. by reading this post over at Party Time Tuesdays. otherwise, stock up on drinks & snacks and plan to party with us on Wednesday! man, is it gonna be a blast! can't wait to see you there! :)


Pam said...

Glad you are feeling better today!! I was hoping the sun had come out for you and that the birds were singing. :) Have a great day! {{HUGS}}

Penny said...

Jennifer, sometimes we just need a friend. :^)
Looking forward to the blog hop!
And here's wishing you and Dave a very special and Happy Anniversary!
Big hugs,

Jennifer said...

This is wonderful news Jen! So glad you're smiling again today! Looking forward to your blog hop and congratulations to you and Dave on 26 years together!

ThePurplePlace said...

So happy to see you posting....! I'm also thrilled about the blog hop and hope it's a huge success!

I know I'm terrible with Blog Hops...but I did buy the stamp set and will try and visit some of the blogs. All I really want is for YOU to feel better....

Hugs and love,

Rhonda Miller said...

I'm glad the comments helped lift your spirits.

I'm excited for the blog hop. What generous sponsors you have.

Anonymous said...

Im glad that the sun has returned to you! :)
It seems like the blog hop is coming together nicely and so many great prizes for people to win!
I know i'm looking forward to being part of it!
Happy anniversary to you and your husband for the 30th (i hope i have the date right). I hope you have a special day together!
Keep smiling :) Hatty xxxx

Liva said...

So happy to hear you're better today! Keep up that way!
Liva ❤

Renee said...

the sun always returns to those special people in life! Glad you are feeling a little better today. I made my card this afternoon for the hop...can't wait!!
Hugs, Renee

Tracy said...

It's nice to hear the "sunshine" in your post today. :-) Glad your spirits are up sweetie. And I'm glad you're so excited by the hop. Got my card ready to go and I'm excited too! Hugs!